Sales Tips for Women: 6 Skills That Will Boost Your Income

by Amanda Abella  - December 23, 2022

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In this video, we’re gonna be talking about   six specific sales skills  that every   coach, consultant, course creator, marketer, and quite frankly, every business owner and any salesperson  needs to understand before diving in, make sure to give this video a   thumbs up, a like, subscribe.  Do all the things because we have valuable content coming out on this channel almost daily at this point.

For those of you who don’t know who I am,   my name is Amanda Abella.  I’m one of the top female sales trainers online and I’m your teacher for today. So, If you wanna get a little sneak peek on how I work with clients, definitely make sure to watch this whole video. But also you can   check out our sales script vault below.

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This is a collection of  over 20 sales scripts that you can use in different sales  situations, so make sure to check that out as well as all our other offerings and communities and free. Below. All right, so let’s get into it. Why do we actually need sales skills? Here’s why. A lot of you have been taught a lot about   ???? marketing, attraction, lead gen, and putting offers together,  and manifesting and mindset and all those things, but nobody’s taught you how to talk to another human being.

Nobody’s taught you how to deal with objections. Nobody’s taught you how to talk to somebody. Nobody’s taught you how to listen to a prospect’s problems. No one’s taught you how to respond to prospects. No one’s taught you how to do any of that. And that’s what my company does. We teach the people skills of sales.

People skills is what gets you what you want, that’s what gets the deal done. That’s what makes things happen. And it’s a lost art. A lot of people don’t teach this stuff and then you get very frustrated because you’re like, “I’m marketing all the time. I have offers, no one’s buying anything. I can’t get people to respond.”

Or you’re like, “Oh my God, somebody canceled on me today.” And then you have no idea how to replace that person because you don’t have enough leads in your pipeline to begin with because you don’t understand a lot of the stuff that I’m gonna be discussing today. This is the number one skillset that I believe people just need in life is sales, because it can be applied to so many different kinds of situations.

So let’s get into the six skills that everybody needs. Number one,  outbound sales skills.

What does that mean? That means knowing how to make phone calls, send emails, and send DMs to put yourself in front of potential buyers. Now, why is this so important? What happens if your ad accounts get shut down?

What happens if one of your social media channels gets shut down? What happens if social media goes away tomorrow? I mean, I don’t think it’s gonna happen, but what if it does? What if it does?  So social media could be like a flash in the pan. It won’t be around in 20 years type of situation. So if you’re only relying on social media and paid advertising to bring you business, you put your business in a very compromising position.

Also, if you’re just starting out in business and nobody knows who you are, a lot of these online strategies are not gonna work for you because you haven’t built that authority yet. You haven’t built that trust factor yet. So you have to learn how to put yourself in front of potential buyers. Also, it depends on the business.

So for example, in my first business, I was a content marketer for financial companies. There was no funnel for that. No bank was gonna go through a funnel that wasn’t gonna happen. I had to do outbound sales and pitch pretty much every day in order to build that book of business, so outbound sales, super important.

The other reason this is super important is because a lot of you end up in situations where you’re only talking to one or two leads a week. You’re only having one or two conversations with someone who might buy from you every single week. I could get four conversations done before lunch, right, whether on the phone or in the dms.

So let’s say you had a meeting on the calendar and somebody had to reschedule and cancel. What a lot of you will do is like, “Oh my God, they canceled. They had to reschedule” and then you don’t know how to replace them because you don’t understand outbound sales and you don’t know how to fill your pipeline.

Let’s say somebody cancels on you, you’re not gonna care because you’ll have ’em replaced with three other people by the end of the day. If you understand outbound sales, it puts the control back in your hands. Okay, next skill is qualifying.  Super important. Stop wasting your time talking to people who can’t pay you, don’t wanna pay you, and don’t, need what you are offering them.

Now, where this happens a lot, and I see a lot of issues is in Facebook and LinkedIn dms specifically, where they will send a connection request and the first message is something like, Hey, I run a Facebook group for moms, and I think you would be really great for it. First of all. I’m not a mom , meaning you did not prospect properly , right?

And you didn’t qualify me properly just based on my social media profile. Or I will get messages like, uh, hey, you know, I can teach you how to get to six figures. I’ve had a six figure business for years, right? So that did not, that’s, I’m not the right person. Uh, so they haven’t prospected properly. , they haven’t qualified me properly to even see if I would be a good fit.

Now, how do you prospect and qualify properly? We teach you that in our UA to Profit program. You can find the information for that below.   ???? We will work with you to customize these things for you. And if you wanna get a little sneak peek, then make sure to check out the sales script vault if you just want a little taste.

Let’s get into  presentation skills.  So a lot of you need to learn how to do sales calls and present your offers in a way where people actually wanna buy it. So, for example, a lot of you will start selling things based on tangible results. You’ll be, uh, sorry, that’s not what you do. Well, that’s what I do.

But what a lot of you do is you’re like, it’ll you start selling based on logistics. It’ll be this many calls. The calls will be this long. It’s this many weeks. No one cares. What they care about is how your specific offer solves their specific problem. So a lot of you need to learn presentation skills so that when you present your offers to a potential buyer, you’re doing it in a way where they can see how you can solve their problem and why that is valuable.

And again, I don’t have time to go into all of that in this video. So check out Persuade to Profit because that’s where we really teach it.

Next thing, right?   Closing.  Close the damn sale. Ask for the business. Part of the reason why so many of you struggle, you just don’t even ask for the money, you don’t even ask for the business.

You’re too scared to ask for the business and you don’t know how to do it properly. So for example, right, you’ll like wait for a lead to just be like, okay, here’s my credit card. Hardly ever happens. Um, and instead, what you need to learn how to do is be like, how would you like to make your first payment?

Have you seen enough to make a decision today? Will that be Visa, MasterCard, or American Express? Those are closes, right? Those are, let’s get this done. Those are. Give me your credit card sign right here. Let’s get this going. Let’s solve this problem for you today. That is closing. And a lot of you don’t do that.

You never ask for the business, period. And then if you do ask for the business, maybe they’ll give you an objection. We’re gonna get to objections in a second, right? And then you don’t go back in for the close again. Sometimes you gotta go in for the close three times, right? In order for the deal to. Get done.

Next skill, super important.   Objection handling.  I see some BS on the internet where people are like, oh, I just don’t even wanna deal with people who have objections. Okay, stay broke. Right? Stay broke then. Now there is a certain, um, truth to that where you can use your marketing to handle objections ahead of time.

I certainly do that. Um, and you should be doing it as well. But the truth is that the time of filming this, like we’re in a recession, inflation is through the roof. People have money on their minds. They’ve been burned three times before they got to you. It’s just not gonna be enough. And people are human beings and they wanna feel safe in the investment choices that they’re making, and they will blurt out things that aren’t necessarily true in order to get out of making a decision.

That’s how human beings behave. So you have to understand the psychology of what’s going on when people give you objections, and you also need to understand how to figure out whether or not the objection that they give you is real. Because nine times outta 10, the first objection is not real. That’s not what’s actually going on.

And then you need to learn how to walk them through making a decision. That’s gonna help solve their problem. This, again, this is all stuff that we cover and persuade your profit, but this is so important to understand because a lot of you think that a no means no forever. A lot of you think that a no means I never wanna work with this person.

A lot of you think  “I need to think about it” actually means something. It means absolutely nothing. They’ve been thinking about it. Otherwise they wouldn’t be talking to you. And then you get scared to handle the objections because you think it’s supposed to be a battle and something that’s very combative and it’s not.

It’s actually supposed to be a win win situation, and it’s just good customer service to understand  how to handle those people’s objections when they’re trying to make buying decisions.  It’s just a part of this process, so rather than avoiding it at all costs, learn how to do it. It’s gonna make your life a lot easier.

And then finally  follow up.  A lot of you also drop the ball in follow up. So let’s say someone tells you no, you handle the objections. It’s still a no, it doesn’t mean it’s a no forever. You just have to be really good about the follow up, right? Sometimes you pitch them the wrong product and then you can come back around in four months with a different product and boom, they’re in.

Sometimes they just, I don’t know, it’s a timing thing. Sometimes, uh, sometimes they just need to get to know you better. So a lot of these YouTube videos I’m totally going to be using. As follow up, right? It’s like, Hey, you have this issue. I remember you had this problem, did this video, check it out, looking forward to helping you.

Are we getting you enrolled this week? Things like that, right? So a lot of you don’t do follow up. I’ll do another video. I have a few videos on this channel just about follow up. I’ll do some others that are updated, but regularly reach out to people. Right. Reach out to people who didn’t buy from you.

Reach out to people who didn’t finish your webinar. Reach out to people who’ve been lurking on your stuff but haven’t spoken to you. Uh, reach out to people who are opening your emails. Reach out to people who are clicking on sales pages. You’re doing them a favor by following up. And here’s the statistic.

Most deals cross the finish line after about seven. Points of contact, and a lot of you just don’t have the proper expectation where it’s like, oh, I’m gonna have one conversation and that’s it. They’re done. And then they tell you, no, you don’t close the deal. And then you think there’s something wrong with you when perhaps you just underestimated the effort that would be involved in getting the deal.

Across the table. So those are the six strategies that every coach, consultant, course creator, and pretty much every business owner and salesperson needs to understand in order to get very good at sales. If I missed anything, let me know in the comments. If you have questions about anything I said, let me know in the comments.

If you wanna do a deeper dive into this, we’ve got two things for you. So, number one, if you want a little taste, if you want a little. A little sample, then you can check out our sales script vault. It is a collection of over 20 scripts you can use in different sales situations. It’s only 27 bucks, so you can check it out.

That is in the description. If you wanna do an even deeper dive into that, where we really break down the psychology, We really, everything that we talked about, we really dissect it. Then check out Persuade to Profit, which is our 90 day sales training program, where my team and I help you really customize these things for yourself.

With that being said, give this a like, subscribe, comment, do all the things, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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