Sales Tips for Women: 3 Deadly Follow Up Mistakes to Avoid

by Amanda Abella  - December 29, 2022

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In this video, we’re talking about   ommon sales follow-up mistakes  you’re probably making, that is making you leave a lot of money on the table before diving in. My name is Amanda Abella. I am one of the top female sales trainers online and on this channel we cover marketing, sales systems and mindset.

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Marriage. They’re, they’re like this beautiful match made in heaven. All right, let’s get into it. Let’s talk about it. Follow up, y’all. You don’t do this enough if you do it at all. And I think one of the reasons you don’t do it is because you don’t understand the expectations. Or the statistics behind them.

So I did the work for you and I found a lot of statistics that you need to know about follow up so that you truly understand why it’s so important. Now, these were put together from multiple different places. . But listen to these stats. This is why this is so important. Only 2% of sales happen during the first point of contact. Y’all get upset that someone didn’t buy from you as soon as they hit your sales page, but only 2% of sales happen that way. Only 44% of sales representatives, and I’m gonna assume business owners are in that, cuz if you’re in business, you’re in sales.

Give up on their prospects after the first initial conversation. I can attest to this because a lot of our clients were not doing follow up before they came to work with us. Only 8% of sales professionals follow up six or more times and 92% give up after the fifth attempt or. 60% of consumers reject offers four times before making a purchasing decision.

They tell you no four times before they tell you. Yes. 42% of perspective customers say they would be more likely to make a purchase if their sales rep kept their promise. And called them back in a timely manner. Y’all take forever to get back to people. And I know this not just as a trainer, but also as a consumer.

When I have reached out to vendors or service providers and it takes you forever to get back to me, I’ve moved on goodbye. And so even just that, that very basic thing, people are not doing, sales professionals who follow up within 24 hours get an average response rate of about 25%. It’s actually. For me, depending on how well you do it, but this is average across industries.

66.7% say they have only reached out to 250 or less leads in the span of a year. Y’all, you need to be doing that like every day, not in a year. And then you complain why you don’t have enough business coming through.

70% of sales reps will only send one email, two prospects. However, more emails can get you a 25% chance of getting a response. So basically this is all about   ???? frequency.  This is all about frequency and actually doing it. And a lot of you don’t do it. Number one, cuz you’re scared, you don’t wanna come off this pushy.

And number two, you just don’t understand the statistics, which is why I gave them to you. One statistic that they didn’t mention is that most sales are made after the seventh. Point of contact, but if 92% are giving up after the fifth point, you’re just never gonna make it. So I always think it’s important to have the stats and the context and then you know exactly what to do.

So I thought it was really important to show you guys why this matters so much so you can get outta your head and realize. That it’s just a part of the process. That’s number one. And number two, to realize that you’re actually doing buyers a favor. They want to hear from you. I just gave you statistics on how they want to hear from you, so you don’t need to feel like you’re bothering them or like you are annoying them.

Now this does come down to how did you follow up properly, which again,   Go find the sales script vault,  because that’s where we’re going to start getting more into this. So let’s go into mistake number one. Mistake number one is   you just don’t do it.  You just don’t do it. I read the stats to you. Most people just don’t do it, and then they’re leaving tons of money on the table.

So if you just fix that, And you start actually following up with people like,  Hey, if I just spoke to them, let me send them an email recap. If they called me, let me call them back within 24 hours. If they hit my sales page, let me call them within 24 hours. If you just did that one basic thing, you would increase your sales.

The second mistake a lot of people make is that they don’t have different methods for following up with people.

So they’re, they’re just like OneNote, right? They’re just like, let me send a bunch of emails or let me send a bunch of dms, , right? That’s what they do. and then they get frustrated when they’re not getting responses. And what we encourage a lot of our clients and to do, and what I do is we will hit people from different angles.

So maybe you’re not responding to my email, but I know you’re gonna respond to an Instagram voice note, or I could go call you on the Facebook calling thing, or I can give you an actual phone call. Yes, people actually do that. Yes. An actual phone call. Or I could send you a text message. Or One of my favorite things to do because they get much higher response rates for follow up is video.

Email and there’s actually a lot of really cool tools that you can use for that. Just search, you know, video, email for sales, and you’ll find a bunch of services that you can use. That’s one of my hands down, favorite ways to do it. The next mistake people make is lack of frequency. So I just read statistics that the more you reach out to people, the more likely you are to close the sale with them.

And what most people think is the more that they reach out to people, the less likely they are to close the sale. It’s actually the exact opposite. They want to hear from you. They want to see that consistency from you. They want to see the persistence from you. So get outta your head and follow the statistics, right?

So f. really matters. So that’s a mistake where people just aren’t doing it. When they do start, if either they don’t do it or when they do start doing it, they’re just not doing it enough. As I mentioned, you’re gonna need about seven points of contact on average in order to get a deal across. The table.

And the final mistake that people make is that they don’t have different excuses for following up with people. And this is very important because I’m sure you all have seen this in the dms on particularly Facebook. I don’t see it as much on LinkedIn. I see other mistakes on LinkedIn, but in Facebook, y’all have gotten it right.

You get that, that dm, that’s like a pitch in the first message. You don’t respond in the next day. They’re like   still there? Still there? Still there? Still there?  We hate it. Everybody hates it. It does not work. It is so ineffective. It’s insane. So what you wanna do is you wanna find different excuses for reaching out to potential buyers.

And I’ll give a a couple of examples, right? So for example, maybe you have a free event coming up. Maybe there’s changes to your product. Maybe there’s changes to the terms of service. Maybe there’s changes to the proposal. Maybe the company is going through changes. Maybe you have a new testimonial video that you can send to them.

YouTube videos are great, right? Because like whatever objection they gave you, just make a YouTube video and send it to them. That’s another thing that you can do. for follow up. Sometimes I’ve done this right? I’m like, Hey, one of our partners is doing a free training on something that you said I think that you said you were struggling with.

I think you would actually be really great for this. Cuz like my company doesn’t handle that, but their company does. And then they come on and they get exactly what they need and they’re like, dang, this is like really good service. So that’s another way to do follow ups   snail. Snail mail works. If you have a book, you can send that as snail mail.

You can also use things like send out Handwritten notes also go a really long way when it comes to follow up. So have some fun with this, right? You already know that people want to hear from you. You already know that they have a problem that you can solve. If you can’t solve a particular thing, you can just send them to a partner that’s still good, follow up anyway, and it’s still good business and just enjoy the process and.

Fun with it, especially if you know what it’s actually going to take and what the stats are. Then it’s just a matter of creating a follow-up system and a follow-up process that covers all these things and avoids all these mistakes so that you can get more deals across. The table and in the comments, I would love to hear what some of your favorite follow up strategies are if you have them, cuz I know they’re salespeople who follow this channel.

And in addition to that, if you haven’t used some of these follow up strategies, I wanna know what you’re gonna start implementing this week. So leave that in the comments below. Again, if you want a little sneak peek, a little nibble, nibble, a little sample of what it is that we cover in our bigger sales trainings, and make sure to check out our sales script vault, you’ll find 20 plus sales scripts that you can.

In different sales situations, including 16 different ways to follow up with someone, which you can turn into a workflow. So that will be in the places where they usually are. And then make sure to subscribe, comment, like, do all the things, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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