{MMYH Ep. 93} Money Is Everywhere

by Amanda Abella  - August 6, 2019

money is everywhere

This month, I’m going to be talking about the mental and emotional attitudes that are needed in your financial life. In the month of July, I took it back to basics when it comes to personal finance. Now, we need to talk about what to do internally, emotionally, and mentally. 

The internal shift involved

What really changed my business and how much money I was making was the internal shift. So, it applies to making money, and it also applies to your personal finances. It’s not just making money, it’s also keeping some it that you make. 

One of the things that I see is those finance and business experts who tell you to grind, and hustle, and do all this work, and that’s all they focus on. And then you have this other spectrum of coaches and other experts who only focus on the mindset and the emotion. In other words, visualizing money all day long without actually working or putting in the action to go get the money.

And then there’s me, and I believe we need both. We need the emotional-psychological mindset stuff, and we also need to take action. And that’s what this monthly series is going to cover. 

Money Is Everywhere

So, the first thing that you need to know is that the mindset I’m going to talk about is a mindset that’s very difficult for some people to comprehend. This is especially true if you live in areas where your government can’t get it’s crap together. But, you have to take control where you can take control. And, what I’m about to say sometimes really irritates people.

And if you find it irritating you, it’s definitely something you need to work on. So, the first attitude that you need to take on in order to have a healthy relationship with money is to know and understand that it is everywhere. There is no lack of it in the world. There’s no lack of opportunity to go make money in the world. 

Oftentimes, we are so focused on money going out the door, or the lack of money, that we don’t have. That’s what we tend to focus on as a society instead of saying, “No, actually, there’s money all around me because the very building that I’m sitting in right now, it took money to build this. That money had to have come from somewhere. It took money to do this. It didn’t just appear. It wasn’t free.”

It takes work to make this mentality stick

Start training yourself to realize that there is opportunity all around you. And, sometimes it’s not like physical money that’s around you, sometimes it’s an idea, sometimes it’s an inkling, sometimes it’s your intuition, sometimes it’s an opportunity to go make money. It comes in different forms.

I think people, especially when they start doing visualizations, like to just visualize money. For example “Let me visualize $100,000 in my bank account,”. And then when the opportunity to make the $100,000 shows up, they don’t take it because they don’t recognize it. And the reason they don’t recognize it is that it looks like work. It’s not just going to necessarily fall into your lap, but the opportunities will start showing up.

And, you have to be self-aware enough, and you have to believe that there are opportunities all around you in order for you to actually see it.

Start training your mind to see opportunity everywhere. Start training your mind to see money or the opportunity to make it everywhere because it’s there. 

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