{MMYH Ep. 89} How To Focus On What You Want In Life

by Amanda Abella  - July 9, 2019

This is the second part of my series called, “Let’s get back to basics.” This series is dedicated to us going back to the money basics. If you missed my last post, the reason why I’m doing this is that I’ve noticed there’s a lot of hoopla on social media when it comes to finances. 

And what I mean by that is people are overwhelmed with all the information. They don’t know where to start. We as bloggers don’t have control over you finding us in the middle of our financial journeys instead of in the very beginning. But I wanted to take time to pause and make sure that for a second, at least, we go back to money basics, because it’s really important.

Lay your foundations by deciding what you want

It’s really important to really lay down our foundations and really make sure that we got that on lock before we start moving up to different levels. Many of you may have found my podcast just now and think, “Oh, she’s got a six-figure business.” “Oh, she’s saving a lot of money.” “Oh, she lives in this great apartment.” “Oh, she’s been able to travel so much.” That’s what you see right now. But if you had found me eight years ago it would have been a different story.

And that’s why we’re going to talk about getting clear on how you want to live your life. So this is all about how to focus on what you want in life.

For example, if it takes you three months to focus on what you want in life, it takes you three months. If it takes you a week, it takes you a week. The point is, we need to start thinking about these things so that when we are making decisions, particularly financial decisions. Really getting clear on what it is that you want is going to help you figure out what that path looks like for you.

So that’s what we talked about last time. What I want to do this time is kind of break it down a little bit into something more practical because I know that’s a really deep question that I asked you guys last time. So, this is actually from my book, “Make Money Your Honey,” you guys can go find it on Amazon. If you’re on YouTube, there’s going to be a little thing around here somewhere. I think it’s…I don’t know which way this thing is recording, to be honest. Up here somewhere. There’s going to be a little card where you can go grab it. But it’s really getting focused on what it is that you value in life.

For example, I don’t go shopping for clothes a lot, and I don’t really wear makeup. I just don’t care about those things. And while it’s okay if you care about those things yourself, they just aren’t important to me, so I don’t focus on them. 

Focus on what you want in life by asking yourself questions

So that’s what you need to get clear on first. Ask yourself, “What could I be spending money on or what am I spending money on that I don’t really care about?” “I could totally live without this. It is not essential to my life.” And I guarantee you, you will find a lot. Go through your expenses and figure out what those are.

The other side of this equation is figuring out what is important to you and what does matter to you. For me, experiences matter. I like to have adventures, I like to travel, I like to explore, that’s always been a thing for me. And, as I mentioned on the last episode, that’s actually the main reason I started learning about personal finance and online business. I wanted to be able to work from anywhere that had a Wi-Fi connection. 

I’ve also budgeted on my health and wellness, because being at my best and feeling my best are important to me. I spend money on and I save for the things I actually care about and the things that bring value to my life, which in my case is more about actual experiences rather than buying stuff. That’s just my viewpoint. It could be different for you. It’s different for everybody. 

What to do if you’ve already handled the basics and are looking to level up

Let’s say you’re a little more advanced in your finances. And by advanced I mean a fully funded emergency fund, retirement accounts set up, etc.  Well, then the questions are a little bit different, but the foundations are still the same.

So you have a little bit more leeway to ask, “Do I want to travel? Do I want to buy a house? Where do I want to live?” It’s different but the foundation is still the same. The basic value of the principle is still the same. You still, even at that level, have to figure out, “Okay, what matters to me and what doesn’t?” so that you can figure out that next step. And that’s exactly how you focus on what you want in life, no matter what level you are. 

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