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by Amanda Abella  - July 4, 2019

basic social media marketing


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In this week’s episode of Biz Tip Thursday, I’m answering a question about basic social media marketing. I recently posted the following question on Instagram:

“What’s one social media thing you’re really good at? And what is one area where you can improve?”

I got some awesome responses, including one about sales:

“I’m really great at posting on social media and I’m consistent. But I struggle with the sales process after I post.”

First of all, I want to commend this person for being incredibly astute. They are seeing that just posting on social media is not enough to make money. After all, there was recently an influencer with millions of followers who couldn’t even sell 37 T-shirts.

Basic Social Media Marketing: What you’re doing wrong

Social media is just one part of the overall marketing equation. It’s one piece of the conversation out of several.

Social media is like someone’s introduction and entry point to you and your business. It’s not necessarily a “Buy Now” advertisement.

That’s why it’s important to do a couple of things:

  • Do extensive market research so you know what to say on social media
  • Know your customer map
  • Know what the process is after posting on social media. For example, if someone engages with your content and shows interest, what is the next step to move them toward a sale?

I teach all of this and more in my Persuade to Profit program. Click here to apply.

In future segments, we’ll be covering other aspects of basic social media marketing and how to turn your following into buyers.

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