{MMYH Ep. 65} How To Afford Anything

by Amanda Abella  - January 22, 2019

This episode was a long time coming! This is an episode dedicated to those that always tell me “Oh my god, I really want to invest in you Amanda, but I’m broke.” Today, I’m going to teach you how to get your life together so you can pay for me and any other investment you want to make in yourself. This episode is going to teach you how to afford anything. 

Invest In Support

Here is the reality of the situation. You will not get the business or life that you desire without investing in yourself. And one of the ways to invest in yourself is to invest in your support system. Many people don’t have support in their personal life. They don’t have support from family, friends, or even colleagues. But sometimes, it’s not that people aren’t supportive, it’s that they don’t understand what you’re doing. 

The first step to follow so you know how to afford anything is to find your support system. Find those people that get what you do. Get support when issues with your business and money come up. Find a mastermind. Hire a coach, even if it’s just for an hour. Find your support.

Learn That Proximity Is Power

This is actually a Tony Robbins quote, and I decided to talk about it in teaching you how to afford anything. What proximity is power means is that who you surround yourself with matters because they’re able to take you to another level. So, for example, let’s take that Tony Robbins event, right? When I purchased my ticket, it was really interesting because the person that I purchased it from said, “Honestly, if you’re gonna go for it, go for it, you have to go at least VIP because once people are throwing down that kind of money, the caliber of people changes.” And it’s true. Because those people invested more money, so they were more invested in the work. It’s an energy change. 

So does that mean that if you don’t have money to pay me for one of my programs, or Tony Robbins, or that mentor or this mentor that you’re screwed? No, it does not. There are levels to this whole ordeal. I started this journey with no money at all. I know people who’ve started this journey with less than no money because they have student loans, they’re actually in the negative, and they’ve still been able to invest and figure it out and climb themselves out of the current reality that they don’t want. There are levels to this, it’s like a ladder. And now I’m going to share some of the ways that I’ve done it over the years to get to the point where I am now. 

Realize That You Are Not A Victim

I want you to realize that you are not a victim, okay? You’re here because you made decisions that got you here. When you were a kid, you could have been a victim because you had no control over the environment. But now as an adult, now that you know better, you have more control. Once I realized I was having a victim mentality, I started switching my thoughts around. So, instead of saying, “I can’t afford it,” I started shifting my mindset to, “Okay, how can I afford it?”. And shifting your mindset around money is actually step one to getting yourself to a place where you can invest in yourself. That way, you can up-level your business and also up-level your life in general.

Don’t Just Invest In Money-Making Items

Investing in yourself doesn’t just mean investing in things that are going to make you more money. It just means investing in learning about yourself, investing in your skill sets, investing in healing, etc. Investing and information will help you live a better life and life isn’t just about money. Your money is just a means to an end, and that’s it. You want to live a certain way and it costs money. So, you need to figure your money stuff out. But the end all be all of life is not money. You’re not taking it with you when you die.

Know Your Triggers

Many people have a hard time keeping their money. It leaves their hands just as quickly as it comes in. I would argue to say, this is most of the population simply because no one has taught us any better. We have marketing coming at us all the time. Overconsumption is a huge problem here in the US. Marketing is meant to trigger your insecurities so you go spend some money. And if you’re not aware of what those insecurities are, you’re gonna keep spending money. 

For a lot of people, there’s some sort of hole you’re trying to fill by spending money or you’re trying to impress people by spending money. So, the quick fix to that is to stop spending money on bullshit. And the way that you stop spending money on bullshit is to get very clear on what it is that you do want to spend money on. For example, if you want to invest in Persuade to Profit but you don’t have like a few grand lying around, what can you stop spending money on so that you can save that few grand?

If you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and tend to hoard money instead of blowing it, you have access to money. So why don’t you spend it? The problem is, you don’t trust yourself to make the money back. You don’t trust yourself to make the money back and you also don’t trust that it’s going to be easy to make money. We’ve been taught that making money is super hard. Which isn’t true. But by knowing how you feel, you can know your triggers and learn how to afford anything. 

Put One Foot Over The Edge

The second step is to invest to the edge of what your current mindset allows you to do. In fact, go over the edge a little bit, live on the edge. Put just one foot over the edge. For example, I invested over $10,000 to work with a very specific mentor. I only just recently was able to do this, and in my mind, it’s just not a big deal anymore because I trust myself to make the money back. Within a week I’d made the money back, so it wasn’t a huge issue for me.

However, I certainly did not start this way. That’s just the edge for me right now. That was not the edge for me a few years ago, even maybe two or three years ago. So, what I did then was I started investing in other ways. I started with books. For a while all I had was books. Then I invested in smaller courses and classes. Then I attended conferences. I built my way up to investing $10,000 for a coach. You have to start somewhere. 

Do The Work

Step three to learning how to afford anything is to do the work. Take responsibility for your actions and do the work. It is not enough to just read a book and then not do anything that is laid out in the book. Is everything in the book gonna work for you? No. Is every book gonna work for you? No. But you need to at least try. You can’t just consume information and think that that’s what’s gonna lead to more money so you can keep investing. That’s not how that works. You need to consume the information and then change your behavior and then actually act in accordance with what you just learned.

So, if right now, your budget is like, “All I can handle is your book right now, Amanda,” then go buy my book and do the work in the book and it will take you to the next level. And then you’ll be able to invest a little bit more and level up what you do. And the key to remember here is that you can never stop investing because you will plateau. 

This is literally the only investment that you have complete control over. Never stop learning. And always know that you can find the resources to continue investing in yourself. 

There are options out there that are available to you. You just need to sit down, crunch the numbers and figure it out.  But you do not have to think, “Oh my God I can’t do it because I can’t afford it.” Yes, you can. You just need to be more resourceful. 

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