{MMYH Ep. 64} Coaching With Authenticity With Megan Collier

by Amanda Abella  - January 15, 2019


Who are you?

Megan is an experienced coach that’s worked with hundreds of people in their own healing and money mindset. She helps them move into what they want to do in life. She’s also an incredible salesperson, and she’s also helped prominent female entrepreneurs with personal development. She wanted to become a coach and break the industry norms of charging people a lot of money with no real results, and she has started to do just that. She believes in coaching with authenticity, and we talked all about that in our interview.

What are some things that people need to be wary of when looking for a coach?

Megan says that there are a few red flags that you should notice about a coach that isn’t all they’re cracked up to be. One example would be if they make large claims about helping people make large sums of money. The second would be naming programs in misleading ways and enacting sales tactics that aren’t authentic. If they don’t have the foundations in place in their program, like the practicality of running your own business or having the right mindset, they may be someone you want to avoid.

Megan says that any coach shouldn’t have “coaching” as their first and only business. True coaches and consultants should have a work history, another business that they own (or owned), and facts and statistics to back up their claims.

What would you say to people looking to expand with coaching when they’ve been burned before?

Megan says that number one, you need to get your mindset right. You have to deal with whatever has happened and move on to the present moment. That way, you can then focus on getting ahead. Fear is an indicator that you’re moving in the direction of your true purpose because if you’re not scared, it doesn’t matter. If you’ve aligned yourself to a program that doesn’t align with you, the best thing is to own that and get out of it as quickly as you got in.

What does it mean to you to be authentic?

Megan believes that to truly be authentic, you have to have integrity. You should want to be engaged with your clients, customers, and audience. And if you’re looking for a coach, you want them to be authentic with you and the other people who pay for their services or find their information. If it doesn’t vibe for you, something may be wrong, so listen to your gut.

For Megan, being a mindset coach meant she had to make sure she was coaching with authenticity. She loves going live on Instagram and showing her followers how she’s dealt with her baggage and past, and showing them that if she could do it, they can too. For her, it’s about people gleaning lessons from what she’s learned. Megan believes honesty, and having integrity, can go a long way in coaching with authenticity.

If someone is looking for a coach, what traits should they look for?

Megan says that the first thing you should do is make sure your core values align with theirs. Once you’ve figured that out, make sure they’re authentic. If they aren’t afraid to show their real selves, they won’t be afraid to help you show yourself. And then, make sure they have strong testimonials.

You don’t want false promises, a specific dollar amount promised, or a promise of a game-changing business. If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. So you want someone that tells you in order to succeed, you have to do the work, but they’ll be giving you foundational support.

At the bottom of the list, Megan says to look for consistent branding. How long has the person been around? What have they been through? It’s not always about certifications, but you want to make sure the potential coach knows what they’re talking about.

What advice would you give to people scared to take the leap and hire a coach or take a program for the first time? 

Megan believes that you should take some time for yourself. Lock yourself in a room, take yourself on a personal retreat, or just take a day or two to write down all of your beliefs. Once you’ve taken some time off and really delved deep into what you want and why you can then make a more rational decision. You’ll also stop believing the limiting mindset, and start thinking more in abundance. If you’re focused on “how can I get help, because I deserve it”, you’re more likely to seek out a legit coach. You want to be attached to a higher vibration and mindset.

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