{MMYH Ep. 54} The Six-Figure Business Mindset You Need To Have

by Amanda Abella  - September 4, 2018

When you want to run a six-figure business, there are different things that you have to do to achieve that goal. However, one of the most important shifts that I’ve noticed I had when I started earning six-figures, was my change in mindset. If you’re looking to earn six-figures in your own business, or if you just want to earn more money in your career period, money mindset is something you should learn. Here’s the six-figure business mindset you need to have.

You have to decide that you’re ready to earn more.

The first step to earning more money is to actively decide that you want to. Your six-figure business mindset will be the core of the actions you take. The more you’re willing to take risks or do the scary stuff most people wouldn’t do, is the time you’ll start seeing your risks paying off.  So, for me, I spent a good two or three years focusing on money.

Any book I read, any podcast I was listening to, it was just money. Other things of my life, I said, “That can wait. I need to figure out money because this is at the core of my survival and clearly, I’ve got some mindset issues in this area. I need to do some real healing in this department before I can move on to other areas of my life.” I decided that I was ready to learn more about money and eventually, earn more. 

Unlearn the old money mindset.

Making money is just an exchange of value. That’s it. What’s difficult about money is unlearning all the bull that we’ve been taught about how difficult it is to make money. When I started my own personal finance journey back in 2010, I had graduated in a down economy, couldn’t find a job, and had to move back home. I started freelance writing to make a few bucks here and there, so I picked up personal finance assignments to write so that I could teach it to myself.

One of the things I learned was that society and culture and what we learned at home really does affect the way that we see money, it affects our own self-worth, and it affects whether or not we feel like we deserve money. I made the choice that I wasn’t going to be broke. If you want the six-figure business mindset, you have to unlearn all of the negative that you’ve been taught when it comes to money and earning money. While there will be obstacles, you have to decide if they are going to keep you from earning what you want to earn. 

Realize how you sabotage yourself.

Once you make up your mind to earn more money, think of all the ways that you sabotage yourself from making money. Sometimes, we sabotage ourselves and don’t even realize it. For example, I have a private coaching client. I’ve been working with her for a while and she’s made tremendous progress within a year. And we had to work really hard.

We had to go all the way back into childhood to find out that she would sabotage herself because she was afraid of coming off as selfish because every time she tried to be an advocate for herself when she was young, that’s what people called her. Now that she’s older, she was finding herself sabotaging her money making habits because she didn’t want to be called that anymore.  If you aren’t in alignment with what you say you’re going to do, you’re sabotaging yourself. If you want to keep your six-figure business mindset, you can’t continue to do that. 

Stop trying to please everyone.

Stop trying to please everybody, and stop trying to be liked. Not everybody is gonna like you, not everybody’s going to understand you, and not everyone will vibe on your level. Plus, you weren’t put on this earth to please everyone. Now, do people pay people that they like? Yes. But there’s a difference between being liked and respected and trying to please everyone just has the opposite effect because you’re not respecting yourself.

Have confidence.

I oftentimes tell people you cannot think your way into confidence. You must act your way into confidence. If that means you fake it till you make it, you fake it till you make it.  A long time ago, I was in a negotiation for a particular project. It was a big project with a very large company with a very large brand in my niche,  and it was something that I’d been working on manifesting for a long time. 

And my team member was like, “Are you sure you want to go that high? Are you sure you wanna do this?” And I was said, “Let’s just do it and see what happens.” So that’s what we did. And I got it. The brand didn’t even hesitate. They didn’t ask any questions, they didn’t push back. None of that. 

Sometimes, you have to do a lot of pushing yourself out of your own comfort zone. And in order to make more money, you’re gonna have to do that a lot. You’ll have to take risks, you’ll have to stick your neck out, you’ll have to ask for more. All of these things are really scary, especially if you’re not accustomed to doing it. But if you want to make six figures, that is what is required of you.

Have a support system.

Along with a six-figure business mindset, you have to have a support system. Who you surround yourself with is extremely important for your support, and for your mindset, because they’re living life on another level so you don’t really have a choice but to level up with them. 

Stop trying to be perfect.

No one is expecting you to be perfect. We’re living in a time and place where your humanity is what’s going to be the most relatable to people. No one relates to perfect. Period. That being said, does visual branding matter? Does grammar matter? Yes. All of those things matter. But I’m talking about people using perfection as a form of procrastination. If you wanna make money, you need to get over that. You just need to start putting stuff out there.

Remember that making money doesn’t mean you’re a sellout.

You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of other people. That means you need to pay your bills. It means you need to save, it means you need to eat. And if you make money, it may not solve all the world’s problems, but it sure helps. Plus, if you have money, you can give money freely without having to worry about it. Earning six-figures doesn’t make you a bad person. Just like working for a non-profit doesn’t automatically make you a good person. 

Know that you’re worthy of making money.

When you decide to have a six-figure business mindset, you’ve decided that you’re worthy of making money, and making more of it. You’ve decided that you’re not gonna be broke anymore. And if you don’t feel that way, then you need to go back to step number one and figure out how that is manifesting and possibly why that is. If it’s really, really getting in the way of your life and making money, I recommend that there are therapists out there who focus specifically on financial issues. At the end of the day, those who make a lot of money know they deserve it. 

Is learning the six-figure business mindset and implying it easy? No. Will they change your life? Absolutely. And if I can do it, so can you. 

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