Mike Saunders Explains How to Become the Top Dog in Authority Positioning

by Amanda Abella  - February 8, 2022

Mike Saunders understands how to become the top dog regarding authority positioning for your business.

In addition, he brings a fresh perspective to positioning that can increase your sales, which is why you want to listen in to this incredible interview!

The Psychology of Sales

You need to understand elements of the psychology of sales if you want to corner the market as an authority. But, first, let’s talk perception of your clientele or potential customers.

“You’ve got competition, and the question you need to ask yourself is how are you going to stand out?”

Of course, you want to stand out by solving a problem for your client by connecting with them.

So if you’re still using AOL or Gmail, that’s not going to fly in the face of your target audience, especially when your competition is using a professional email with their website domain. So you’ve got to up your game and get ahead of your competition by having a professional website and email; that’s first.

Getting a Market Advantage by Choosing a Target Audience

Secondly, if you want to stand out, you’d better pick a target audience to give you a competitive advantage. Maybe that’s in the form of your lead magnet or ebook.

In addition, you can post blog content and other forms of copy, but remember, you want to make sure that what you are writing and putting out there has validity and a solution to your customer’s pain points.

Pre-framing Your Target Audience

“Pre-frame your target audience to see you as a thought leader, an authority, and an expert so that they at least give you that.”

And now all the sales skills, the conversation, the asking questions, all of that comes into play. But if they don’t trust you as that trusted advisor, you’re never going to get there, and it’s not going to be as.

Competence in Your Conversation

“Competence will come out in your conversation, so now when you’re having that sales conversation, they could tell by your confidence and accelerating authority [that you’re an expert.]”

Now you gain confidence among listeners and your tribe about your authority positioning in your market. Then the following conversation you have, you’re speaking more competently. “This has an amplifying effect and a compounding effect on your authority.”

Playing the Long Game with Authority Positioning

Mike encourages people to work inside authority marketing and authority positioning because you don’t have to stop doing X and do authority marketing.

However, your authority marketing needs to be done to make the other components of your marketing plan work.

Using Podcasting for Authority Positioning

Which form of digital marketing does Mike turn to for his business? “My personal pick is podcasting.” Why? He feels that podcasting is the best way to leave “marketing breadcrumbs” for your clients, educating your target with each episode.

When someone is honed in on video content on YouTube, they can easily find your podcast.

“Your audience wants more from you, and they do watch videos and podcasts.”

You can rip the audio and produce your podcast if you’re creating podcasts on YouTube. Two birds with one stone for content creation? Hell yes!

Podcasting is a different strategy because it’s having a conversation, creating strategic partnerships, and a separate media topic. Mike gets clients from his podcast and his YouTube, so he suggests using both for your digital marketing plan.

Be the Authority on Google

Your Google resume gives power to your Google positioning.

“You want to make sure you don’t have bad stuff out there. You need to have more good stuff.”

You need to be seen as trustworthy and an expert. In addition, you have to be approachable because you don’t want people to have a preconceived notion that they can’t work with you.

Promoting for Positioning with Branding

Part of successful positioning comes from promoting. Are you a storefront? Are you online? An element of positioning where promotion is your mindset and how your brand is perceived in the mind of your target audience.

Is your position or mindset different than your branding? The first place a consumer will look typically look at is your website, logo, fonts, and colors. That’s an element of your brand, but who do people think of when they think of you?

“Do they think of trustworthy? Do they think of getting resolved? Do they think fun, and laid back, or stoic?” You need to build that promotion.

Delegating Your Money for Time

“If you don’t have the time for a task, then you’re busy. Hire someone to do it for you.” Otherwise, you’re invisible and obscure, and people don’t know who you are.

“If you don’t have the time to do it, you need to have a done for you, hire someone.”

Using Old School Strategies to Get Ahead of Your Competition

When’s the last time you received a real card via snail mail? How about a hand-written letter or postcard? You rarely see them. So many people love these forms of communication, but not many people are putting them out there. One way to get ahead of your competition is to pick up a pen and create a personal letter or card for your clients.

Another old-school technique coming back into play is simply picking up the phone to call your clients. Calling them hello, even without talking business or pitching them, is a great way to connect.

Why? Because most of your competition is not actually picking up the phone or having conversations with people or sending snail mail.

So when you want to position yourself as an authority, go to square one check out your email, website, and branding. Ask yourself, “Am I putting my branding out there to be an authority and approachable?” After asking yourself that question, pick out a greeting card and send it out or give your client a call. Take your easy first steps to become an authority, so your potential clients choose you over your competition.


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