10X Your Life (with Elena Cardone)

by Amanda Abella  - February 2, 2022

Elena is a badass when it comes to women’s entrepreneurship! She is the executive producer of the massively successful events that include 10X Ladies, Operation 10X Badass, Build an Empire Mastermind, and her own show, “Women in Power.”

Drawing upon her vast experience, Elena has developed her own curriculum to assist aspiring empire builders. In her Build An Empire course, she lays the groundwork for both men and women as she trains them to create, grow and defend an extraordinary career and marriage. Additionally, she mentors hundreds of women with personal, one-on-one coaching sessions.

Listen in to find out what hidden gems Elena Cardone will drop for us in this exclusive interview!

Elena Cardone’s Backstory

Elena is an artist and a visionary. Having grown up in Louisiana and having never been to college, she has built one of the largest and most successful women’s businesses to date.

Although she considered herself an artist, Elena battled that she wasn’t an academic. “My perception was everybody tried to make me fit in this sort of normal that I just didn’t fit in with.”

She did try to fit into the mold that others expected, but it didn’t work out for her. Fortunately, when she married Grant, she found a kindred spirit and similar mindset, which was of a comparable magnitude that could think as big as she did and didn’t think she was crazy. So when Grant told her that he wanted seven billion people to know who he was, she knew she had met her match. At that point, Elena put her limiting beliefs behind her.

Playing Life on Her Own Terms

“And I said, you know what? I’m going to start playing this life on my terms in my game and see what I can create.” She also talks about the amount of work and sacrifice and having to work through and let things go.

“It’s not easy to let things go. All people, all considerations, all mindset and trust, especially in a man. I have never had to depend on a man, never trust a man. And now I’m married. How do you let that go?” Nevertheless, she says that she and Grant decided that they would not close the curtains if they were to build something substantial.

Elena Cardone’s Money Mindset

“We weren’t going to become those wealthy people that closed the curtain and hide behind closed doors.” Instead, they wanted to be transparent and authentic so people could learn what they did to fast track their way to success.

Elena wants to see their clients at the top with them. That’s Elena nut in a nutshell. “I support my husband to bring financial literacy, stability, and legacy to families across the world. I want to restore the value of the family dynamic and make relationships cool again.”

To help women raise the bar, Elena is starting a whole women’s movement in that area.

Changing Your Money Mindset

She has a dynamic perspective on money that she teaches other women. Since many people have a negative money mindset, she wants to elevate them, so they aren’t stuck in a money mindset that doesn’t serve them personally or professionally.

Most women, Elena says, come up with all these reasons why they don’t have money or can’t get it. “Some people get so twisted around money.” She says they have this improper perspective because they have the wrong information. “The derivation, the root word of the word information, means a formation of the mind, and knowledge is power.”

“If you’re given the wrong knowledge, wouldn’t it mean that you would have a deformation of the mind?”

That’s why so many people have problems with money. When you get the correct information, you can apply accurate information. Then you can plug the right information into your money mindset and grow. “I went decades with the wrong information. Get the right information – and click! It works!”

Using Your Resources for Your Mission

“Wealth is one of those resources that you need on the planet, but you also need other non-tangible items such as an abundance of courage,” Elena says that having an abundance of people who agree upon the mission of fighting for you is also essential.

“When you have abundance, you can take a hit, and a little chunk can go, and then you can fortify and build up. Be tough enough to take a hit and then strong enough to deliver a blow.”

Your mission is more critical than anyone trying to derail you to play small-minded games. It’s not worth your time or energy.

Delegate Work In Your Business Life

“You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.”

Wow, that’s a gem!

She emphasizes that you can either spend your time building the railroad or get with someone who’s already built the tracks, get on the train, share the ride, and go together.

Elena Cardone’s 10X | Ladies Risk Taker Event

10X Ladies Risk Taker Event is an event like no other – a cohort of women who are willing to take responsibility and understand that being 10X means they’re 10X on five pillars, which is mindset 10X in relationships, not just with their partners, but their children, their colleagues, in every aspect of their life.

The concept behind Elena’s 10X event is that you can’t be 10X in relationships and be failing in your finance. You can’t be 10X in your finances and failing in your relationships. These are all related. It’s the foundation and the pillars upon which your empire is built.

So how do we come together as women to get the right information, the proper infrastructure, and the mindset to support each other? How do we reach a heightened level of success, and at the same time, support more women winning and owning their power?

Women have power. “I believe women are extremely powerful in this society.” Women have the capacity and the ability to influence the behavior of others.

“When we can build that higher level of awareness, a higher level of responsibility, and we’re willing to bring that back into our families, we can make the family dynamic work.”

Elena wants you to join her at her event because she wants to bring women together who are finally ready to step up level up! Women need to own their powers and make their mark to impact this planet.

Be a Risk Taker!

“When you’re a risk taker, you’re putting yourself at risk for ridicule by putting yourself out there by saying, Hey, if I can do it, you can do it!” Why play small? Take risks and go big! Elena is here to support you.

This is really about the purpose of making sure that you leave your imprint on the world. Elena and Grant are definitely doing that!


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