How to Stick to Your Goals in 2021

by Amanda Abella  - January 12, 2021

While no one is perfect at achieving every goal and commitment, I’d say I am pretty good at it. Typically, if I say I’m going to do something, I fucking do it. I want to give you my tips, advice and information in hopes that this will help you slay your goals, whether they are sales, business, money, or personal goals for 2021.

How to Choose Your Goals

Step number one: choose a goal that excites you! Your plan has to be exciting enough that you can gamify your goal. When you’re able to gamify it, you’ll be able to tackle the challenges better. Because you have a prize to aim for, you’ll show up more often and have fun.

Make sure to choose a goal that benefits you or your business. Another issue people have in staying committed to their goals is that they choose plans meant to appease another person they may be trying to impress.

A good example is creating a goal for your mom because she said you should do it (fill in the blank). Another common goal made for someone else is when we create goals because our friend has achieved an accomplishment, and we think their goal is admirable. You’ll see businesses copying each other all the time because they believe a business goal that works for one company will translate to another business.

Don’t Make Goals Based on Others

Consider what YOU want in your business or personal life. Be selfish in a good way and create a goal that revolves around your interest in having buy-in and being more driven to complete your goal. Remember, what works for other people may or may not work for you, so be sure to choose goals that are an excellent personal or business fit for what you want.

Whenever I did make goals based on what I saw other people doing, it didn’t work out very well. I didn’t want to show up, and I wasn’t passionate about my process. I wasn’t having fun when things got complicated, and I would always want to give up instead of show up, step up, and show out. However, if you’re working toward a desire that you wish to, rather than somebody else’s, you’re going to be more likely to do it. Take time to contemplate that the goals that you’re picking for yourself are the things that light your heart up.

Align Your Goals to Your Vision

Your goals should align with your true desires and your future vision of yourself or your business. When I make my goals, I always double-check that the goals I’m going after are geared toward my specific vision that I have in mind for my life.

Write Your Goals Down

Write your goals down. I know this sounds super corny, but it works. I have a Panda planner that I’m using to write down my goals, and I’m digging it. Panda planner seems to be the only one that has stuck around longer than a month. I write down my commitments, which are part of a training program with David Nagel.

In this process, I have to write down my commitments, and every night we have to send in a form telling people whether or not we fulfilled our responsibilities. Get into the practice of writing down your commitments, look at them, see what you wrote, and make the commitment to yourself to show up to the best of your ability.

Show Up and Build Confidence in Yourself

I firmly believe that part of the reason why we have such massive self-esteem and confidence issues as coaches and especially as women is that, as a society, we’ve been trained to give up easily. We don’t do what we commit to daily. I know my confidence hasn’t come from other people patting me on the back and saying, Oh, you’re doing such a good job.

My confidence has come from me showing up and completing my daily commitments consistently. When you commit to these things and follow through on them, you’re going to build confidence.

Create Accountability for Yourself

The next step to meeting your commitments is to get some damn accountability; whether it’s a coach, group, or a friend, you need accountability. Choose someone or to answer to. This way, you’ll be more motivated to accomplish your daily commitments you said that you were going to do.

Right now, I’m in a group that keeps my accountability. In addition to my group, my mentor is holding me accountable by filling out the forms I mentioned above and sending them in, so my actions are documented.

Take Action One Day at a Time

Take small steps toward your goals one day at a time. Try not to get overwhelmed by the big picture. Ask yourself, what’s one small step I can take today to get me a bit closer to my goal? Focus on showing up and doing an actionable item each day. Before you know it, you have a few days under your belt, then a few weeks. Next thing you know, that small action you started is now becoming second nature – a new habit. A few months will turn into a year, and now you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do!

These are my tips for honoring your commitments and making sure you stick to your goals in 2021. Reach out and share your goals with me – I’d love to know what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months!

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