How to Remove the Needy Vibe and Fill Your Sales Pipeline

by Amanda Abella  - September 13, 2022

So many people are in a scarcity mindset, and that isn’t where your head needs to be if you want to make money. If you’re needy when you’re selling, it’s hard to make money. Being needy and making money mindsets don’t match up. So let’s talk about how you can be in an abundance mindset to sell more and increase your sales and profitability.

Why You Need to Ditch the Needy Sales Vibe

I was recently in a situation where a representative tried to do business with me. I got a weird vibe from the conversation, and the vibe that I got was neediness. That vibe came about with their frantic, anxious energy. Their energy was similar to drinking 18 shots of Cuban espresso – and it didn’t feel good.

When they were selling me, they started by trying to prove themselves. This also falls short of an abundance mindset. I don’t care about who you are; I’m looking for what you can do for me!

The energy of having to prove yourself and your point to win isn’t part of the abundance mindset, and it won’t work to make your sales. This sales pitch doesn’t work with people sensitive to energy. Not only does it prevent you from selling, but it’s also an automatic repulsion for many people. I can’t even deal with it. I definitely don’t wanna do business with you or your company.

And even if you do close those clients, they usually end up being codependent and a major pain in your butt. These aren’t the type of clients you even want to close. So how do you keep an abundance mindset without being needy and hit your company goals? Number one, you need a very full pipeline.

How to Have a Full Sales Pipeline

One of the processes I see happening online is I will be in DMS with female coaches and consultants when I ask them about their sales. They’re getting low sales, and when I ask them how many leads they have talked to this week. How many people have you talked to? How many offers have you made? How many people have you gotten in front of this week? Then I find out that they have only talked to one or two people, or worse – they haven’t talked to anyone!

So there’s your problem! You’re not talking to enough people. People often underestimate how many leads you need to talk to in sales and the numbers required in sales.

Now I know that there’s usually a lot of pushback about this. Particularly in women’s spaces because they’re like, oh, but I don’t wanna DM people. And I don’t wanna go out there and bother people. That’s called your ego. So you do whatever you have to make the sales and get leads. Remember, when you’re reaching out to people and making connections, you don’t have to do the same sales tactics as men.

However, you need to network online and in person to have enough people in your pipeline. You need to have options; you’re unbothered, and when you’re unbothered, you will do whatever is required of you on the call.

So if someone gives you an objection, you’re gonna validate it first and figure out if it’s real or not. Then you’re gonna handle the objection, so if they don’t buy, you have another person in your pipeline ready to buy.

How Do I Have a Full Sales Pipeline?

You need to shift your energy when landing more sales. So many people will go into sales conversations like they’re interviewing for a job. However, interviewing for a job and selling in your business are two different aspects of the business.

You need to have certain standards in your business. What are your personal standards and business standards? Who do you solve a problem for? Only talk to those people who meet your standards. If the person you’re talking to does not meet those qualifications, let them go and refer them to another person who can help them solve their problem. Do not take them on as a client, do not pass go!

Next, you’ll need to realize you’re the one interviewing. You’re the one who’s the busy expert who has your calendar full. You are interviewing them to see whether or not they’re even a good fit to get into your business.

If you want to learn more details about shifting your mindset to make more profit with better sales, head to my application for coaching. We teach you how to have a full sales pipeline in our sales training, Persuade to Profit.

Find Out the Lead’s Intention for the Call

Sometimes, the lead is looking for information or wants to chat and shoot the shit. On a sales call, you need to set the intention of the call from the get-go. If it’s a networking, sales, or collaboration call.

If you have a closing call, you need the lead to make a decision by the end of this call. Great! That’s what we’re gonna be doing.

When the lead is asking you all types of questions, and they are giving you the third degree, that’s not a sales call. And that’s what you want to avoid in sales. You do this by understanding the structure of sales calls, by having intentions for the purpose of your calls, and by being clear and communicating what those intentions are. Remember, your goal is to find out whether or not they’re even a good fit to work with you.

And if they aren’t a good fit, that’s OK! Avoid proving yourself if the sales call shows you won’t land this lead as a client and make the sale. That’s what your pipeline is for. Get ready to move on to the next person in your pipeline!

Avoid Aggression in Sales Calls

When a salesperson starts fighting with the person, they are trying to sell, that is called aggression. This tactic is rooted in insecurity. Let’s be real. What you wanna do is you wanna be assertive and assertive means that you value yourself equally to the person that you are speaking to in the call. When assertive, you’re handling the objections on the sales call.

It’s about getting a win-win situation for both parties when you land the sale. It’s a win-win because you will solve the problem for them and get compensated for taking their issues away from them. ‘I have the solution to the problem. Let’s come together and fix the problem in a way that works for both of us.’

You can also be assertive and empathetic at the same time. Again, these soft skills serve you and your client, but to a point where you’re not sacrificing yourself.

This delicate balance and nuance are one of the lessons we teach in our sales training, Persuade to Profit.

I would love to know which of these resonated with you, and what you can use today in your sales practice! So let me know in the comments below.

And remember to go out there and Make Money, Your Honey!


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