How to Close a Sale

by Amanda Abella  - September 20, 2022

I recently caught up with a colleague who also teaches women how to sell. We had an interesting conversation about how women are not going for the close or the money. They simply aren’t asking for the sale. So today we’re gonna talk about closing a sale, what that means, and how to successfully close your sale as a female super saleswoman!

What Does Closing a Sale Look Like in Your Sales Call?

Let’s talk about closing a sale, what closing a sales call means, and why closing your sales call is so important. Here’s the thing – if you don’t close a sale, there’s no money. If there’s no money, there’s no problem getting solved.

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And what ends up happening, particularly for women, is they will not go in for the close because they feel that they are being aggressive. They are way too passive and aren’t assertive enough in the sale. If you didn’t read about the difference between being aggressive and assertive in my last blog, go back and read up on how you can be assertive without being aggressive and coming off like a man.

So a saleswoman will go through an entire conversation in sales and they’re at the end and don’t ask for the money. At this point, you need to ask: How would you like to start? Which credit card would you like to use? Which payment plan would you like? The question doesn’t even get asked, right?

The second mistake is that the saleswoman doesn’t go in for the sales close enough times. Maybe they go in for the close and they get an objection. You need to answer the objection, not ignore it or dance around the object. Another mistake many sales people make is sending a proposal.

Many salespeople mistakenly believe they must send a proposal before closing. Usually if they want a proposal the sales call will end and you never hear from these people again, and poof! They disappear like Casper the Ghost!

We struggle with closing a sale because we don’t know how to be assertive. Many of us have been conditioned to be codependent or manipulative and controlling. We have not learned how to be in the middle ground of getting what you need while also being a pleasant person with good values.

What To Do When You’re Closing a Sale

When you’re going in for the close, you first need to figure out what part of the sales process or sales conversation they’re in at the moment.

So the close comes in, and this lead already knows who you are. You’ve already pre-qualified them. And you know that they’re a good fit. Before going in for a close you’ve already done your discovery questions and presented the offer. Now you go in and ask for the money – that’s where the sales close. And I see many people screw this up because they’ll go in for the close before they’ve qualified or know if the lead is a good fit!

And at this point, you can answer any other questions or objections they have about your services. Once you answer the question, you go back in again and ask for the close. You want to get them to make a decision on the call.

Another scenario is that you could go in for a close and your lead is ready to be your client! Boom! Here you go! So you must ask for the money and make a decision. Because until you ask for a decision, you don’t know what’s going on and can’t get the money or figure out the objections to handle them and then get the money.

Have you seen enough to make a decision? Yes? Great! But if they object because they can’t afford it or whatever excuse they throw at you, and you’ve gone through the process of handling the objection. Don’t just leave it there. You have to go in for the close again.

And many people will go in once, handle an objection and then forget to go back for the close and get the deal done. So at that point, you’re asking for payment. Which payment method would you like to use? So again, you go back for the close, don’t go through the process of getting an objection, handling the objection, and then not going back for a close.

Go Back for the Sales Close Repeatedly!

Frequently people don’t realize they have to keep going back in for the close and usually the lead is waiting for you to get them started. You’d be surprised how many people don’t realize this because they think buyers read minds and think a buyer’s just going to throw their credit card at you. And sometimes that happens, but frequently they’re waiting for you to tell them the next step. They’re waiting for you to take the lead and be like, great, let’s get this done and onboarded.

Those are some of my closing tips. Let me know which ones you’re gonna be using this week!

Now go out there and Make Money, Your Honey!

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