How to Overcome Perfectionism – Part II

by Amanda Abella  - July 7, 2020

Hitting Massive Walls in Your Business

I hit a massive wall and came out of this experience stronger on the other side. I got back into my business and back into enjoying my life, despite all the craziness that’s been going on in 2020.

I was unemployed ten years ago. I understand what you’re going through and my team.

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How Perfectionism Blocks Money

There are many reasons why perfectionism blocks money. Let’s start with you, in particular. To make money, you need to be OK with making money. It sounds so simple, but in reality, many people aren’t OK with earning high-dollar income. If you enter into business transactions and your concern is about being liked rather than respected, you’re not going to make any money.

What’s most likely going to happen is you are going to give away your time or work for a lower hourly rate because you want the other business person to like you. That is perfectionism at play, coming to the forefront because you’re obsessed with whether or not someone likes you. What gets you paid is knowing that you can solve a problem for someone and having the confidence and conviction in yourself to relieve pain points for your clients.


People Don’t Relate to Perfectionism

Since no one is perfect, others can’t relate to perfectionism. People relate to people, and people do not relate to perfection.

A prominent issue I see with my private coaching clients who leave the corporate space is being so used to others continually smiling at you even though everything is on fire. In a corporate environment, everything always needs to be “OK” so corporate lemmings have to pretend everything’s OK.

When you are from corporate, you are so used to pretending that everything is OK. Have a stiff upper lip and do the PR smile! Now, when it comes to your own business, you can’t pretend your world is OK when it’s crashing down around you. This reality check kills many people who are used to faking it in the corporate world.

You have to kill that corporate side of you that doesn’t live in reality. It’s not going to help you in small business, and living in “corporate reality” is going to drag you down when you start your own business.


Tell About Your Mistakes

I’m actually of the philosophy that as soon as I screw up, I let everybody know that I’ve made a mistake. I gave a keynote at a major insurance company some time ago. Typically, when you deliver keynotes in a corporate environment, the audience may not be excited about what you have to say because they figure you are going to talk about money or how to invest in your 401k.

So what did I do? In the middle of the keynote, I outed myself. I asked the audience, “How many of you have credit card debt?” and I was the first one to raise my hand. I was being relatable and telling the crowd that I have some business debt.

Want to know what happened when I did that? Everybody in that room went from un-engaged to sitting up in their seat because they realized that I’m one of them. Instead of talking at them, I’m talking to them.

The audience realized I’m trying to help them because I’m there with them in the debt trenches, and they want to listen now. People don’t relate to that perfection. This is a big pitfall for many people who say they want to make money, but then perfection gets in the way.

When you’re relatable, people trust you, and they want to pay you because they realize you aren’t trying to lie to them or steal their money. Especially in the age of social media where everybody can fake everything, it’s incredibly refreshing when someone’s not pretending who or what they are.


Nourish Yourself

I’m nourishing myself because I’ve forgotten to take care of myself in this crazy time. Those of us who are perfectionists, we have forgotten to nourish ourselves because we’ve been too busy nourishing everybody else. Pivot and ride this next week on a different energy vibration, a different tone. Be back in the saddle and focused on the task at hand.

I feel so much better when I nourish myself and avoid my perfectionist tendencies. And by the way, here’s another example of outing myself. How many people out there are going to tell you they had a damn breakdown because of trying to be a perfectionist? That was me in the past, straight up! Learn from my mistakes and take time out for yourself – if you don’t make time for you, no one else will.


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