How to Get Thousands of Warm Leads for Free – Part I

by Amanda Abella  - July 14, 2020

The Pillars of Business

There are three building blocks for a business to be profitable: The system, the influence, and sales.

Many of us start with influence by posting content on social media, except you have zero systems put in place. You don’t know what you’re selling or to whom you’re selling. You most likely are not priced for profitability and don’t understand the customer process.

Another issue that might occur is you may have systems, but no one knows who you are. Likewise, you may have a system and influence, but you don’t know how to sell your product or service. You don’t understand how to have that conversation and how to close. Also, you may lack a sales process and aren’t sure how to talk about money. How are you going to deal with objections? On what platform should you prospect for new clients?

In my course, Persuade to Profit, I break down how you build these pillars for your business. Find out how you can become part of this powerful movement for business owners by clicking on the link in the resources section.



Let’s focus on the system. Where do you feel like you are struggling? Is it system influence or sales? When you don’t have a system, you’re missing one critical key aspect of a marketing system. This puts many business owners on the struggle bus because they haven’t put in place a system for them to warm up leads.

Many entrepreneurs I come into contact with haven’t warmed up their leads enough for sales to be natural. One of the reasons sales are so easy for our clients and me is because once we have a system built, we spend much time in that influence space as that warms up leads.

You have nothing available online for someone to input their information and opt into learning more from you. If you have content on your platforms, you must have a way to capture a potential client’s data. Whether that is a lead magnet or other opt-in, you can post all the content you want and get followers, however; if you’re not converting those followers into leads, then you don’t have a system.


Did you know you are a lead? When you watch my YouTube videos or listen to my podcast, you’re a lead. Once you’ve indicated an interest by commenting or inputting your email, then you become a warm lead.

So many business owners don’t realize that they’re sitting on a mountain of leads because they haven’t been trained to think in that way. Don’t drop the ball. Recognize that all your followers are leads and take advantage of this part of the system by giving your followers a call to action.


Why You Need a Call to Action

I rarely post anything on social media without some call to action. Any time I publish content on social media, I have a call to action. There could be several calls to action.

Remember, there’s money everywhere. If they say not to your call to action, make sure to mitigate going into audition mode in sales. Make sure first to warm up leads that make your transaction easier, grow your influence, and position yourself as an expert.


Make Sure You Have an Opt-in

Offer substantive content, and in exchange for the value you offer, the warm lead can give you name, email, phone number. My sales team people have prospective clients who wonder how we received their phone number. Honestly, it’s because they signed up for a free class and gave me their information. People are shocked by how easily this happens.

When you call your lead, make sure not to be in audition mode. First, warm them up. When you warm them up, and you have the systems in place, the opt-in in place. Then you can get out of that audition mode because you realize that they need you. The potential client needs you more than you need them. Lastly, when you get into that energy and that space, that’s when sales energetically start becoming a lot easier.


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