How to Get Thousands of Warm Leads for Free – Part II

by Amanda Abella  - July 21, 2020

When You’re Missing One of the Three Pillars of Business

Many new entrepreneurs are unaware that you need all three pillars to be successful at sales: system, influence, and sales.

When one of these pillars is missing, you’ll lose out big on selling high-ticket items.

Today, I’m going to be focusing specifically on the system component along with a sprinkling of influence.


Your Business Doesn’t Have Enough Leads

Usually, the biggest problem that businesses have is that they don’t have enough leads. Not only do you not have enough people to talk to, but a lot of you haven’t warmed up your leads enough for sales to be easy. One of the reasons sales are natural for me, and so many of our clients are because once we have a system built, we spend much time in that influence space. After all, that warms up leads. As a result, we land many high-dollar, high-ticket sales.


Why Your Call to Action is SO Important

Many times, clients and new business owners I talk to are missing one essential key aspect of a marketing system. And what I’ve noticed is they were missing this one aspect of a marketing system that would make their lives and their sales a lot easier. The component they are missing is to have a call for action. Additionally, they need easily accessible information on how to purchase or sign-up for what they are offering from their business.


How to Capture Lead Information

How does a business owner grab people’s information? You watch YouTube videos, and you listen to my podcast. Therefore, you’re a lead. There’s so much opportunity in the world today that I’m overwhelmed by the sheer number of people I can reach!

People you interact with on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are all leads. If they listen to, follow you and comment on your post, then they are interested in your content. If you’re sliding into my DMS, there’s a reason you’ve taken that step. Now that you’ve indicated interest, I can offer you a freebee that delivers value, and you’re very likely to give me your information so you can have this added value content.

If we know that everybody on social media is a potential lead, then how do we make it easier to warm them up?


How to Warm Up Potential Leads on Social Media

First, you need a call to action.

You’ll notice that I almost never post anything on social media without a call to action.

When you join me on my live video there’s an offer for you to join a free class that I’m doing at 2:00 PM EST the same day I have my live video for aspiring coaches and consultants.

Now that you’ve indicated interest, you’re a warm lead. I have basic information on what you like, along with your contact information, and that helps warm up sale leads.


People Need What Your Business has to Offer

All these warm leads have a significant interest in what I have to offer to solve their pain points. At this point, I keep warming up that lead, which creates a more comfortable sale once they make that flip. Once business owners realize they have a product or service someone else needs and they have potential clients that are now interested, a lightbulb goes off in their heads. Now, they understand the process and know how to sell because they realize that they’re not an imposition. You’re not an imposition because all these people have already indicated an interest in what you have to say.

Even if one warm lead says no, there are hundreds of other people who are interested in your product or service. Grow your influence and position yourself as an expert.

Once they’re warmed up, utilize the system you have in place such as your opt-in. You now realize that warm lead needs you more than you need them. When you get into that energy level and space, your sales energetically become a lot easier.


Opt-In Options to Capture Lead Information

For those of you who are in finance, start by using budgeting templates as your opt-in. All in all, worksheets work well as an opt-in. My highest converting opt-in and it’s been my highest converting opt-in for years, is a template that teaches you how to write an email pitch.

It’s so simple, yet it’s my highest lead generator.

Other opt-ins that are popular are the sales call-template, editorial calendar template. Another way you can get opt-in information is through hosting a webinar. You can automate webinar email follow-up for more sales. It’s all about maximizing what it is that you have and offering more to your warm leads.


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