How to Double your Business Income within One Year

by Amanda Abella  - June 7, 2022

Are you looking to double your business revenue organically by the end of the year? Get ready because I will show you how I created my first six-figure month by scaling my business. Then, I’ll share how I grew my business in 2021 with a 137% increase in sales in 2022!

So you want to take your revenue from the last 12 months, and then you wanna double it? Read on to find out how we help our clients with a brand new business generate $8,000 monthly and repeat business within 90 days!

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How to Double Your Business Income Through High Ticket Sales

If you made 40,000 in the last 12 months, if you’re doubling your income, your new target income goal for next year is $80,000. You might be thinking, Amanda, I really don’t need an introductory math lesson, but hang tight because this will all make sense with my next few tips! One way to create a fast path to double your revenue is through high ticket sales.

Since many people think that when they lower their prices, their offerings are actually easier to buy. However, from data and experience, we know that offering lower ticket prices creates the exact opposite effect. And suppose you’re interested in geeking out on some of the data behind high ticket sales. In that case, I highly recommend the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert D. Cialdini.

Lowering your prices doesn’t work because when you lower your prices, you’re competing with the bottom people in your vertical. Let’s take McDonald’s. As an example, McDonald’s sells hamburgers and has a dollar menu. Well, how many freaking competitors does McDonald’s have? How many burger joints are there with a dollar menu? All these fast-food chains are competing with each other for a low pricing model.

Here’s the secret about McDonald’s – they’re actually not in the burger business; they’re into real estate. How do I know this? Because McDonald’s actually has a $30 billion real estate empire, and that’s where the real money is for their business model.

You want to increase your pricing because when you do, you’ll attract a different caliber of people who are excited to pay you, and they’re much easier to close.

Positioning Your Company for Better Sales Profits

Tip two is all about positioning because your competitors are making more money than you, maybe because their company is positioned better than yours in the marketplace. And your job is to figure out your positioning.

Now you might be thinking, Amanda, how on earth do I figure out my positioning? I got you! We have a series of calendars that you can purchase called the Media Pitch 365 System.

This series of calendars are designed for different types and kinds of coaching. We’ve taken 365 different media pitch ideas you can use to reach out to podcasters, bloggers, magazines, TV stations, and other media companies. We’ve already done the work for you, including email templates that I’ve used to land columns at Inc. magazine and be a guest on major podcasts, such as Entrepreneur on Fire.

In addition, you also need to know how to position your offers. Finally, you’ll want to learn how to explain the transformation and the results you achieve.

Learn How to Sell to Grow Your Business Profit

Tip number three is to learn how to sell, but you need to know where you’re starting from before you do that. For example, how much are you making in context with how much profit you’re taking in based on your expenses? Once you know those two numbers, you can move on to tip#3, learn how to sell.

Now you know your sales target (after taking your profit and multiplying it by 2). So even if you have a fear of sales, you’ll need to make sales to double your business. And sales is everything in business, right?

Without sales, you don’t have revenue. Without revenue, you don’t have cash or income, and without cash, you don’t have a business. To dive deeper into sales training, check out my 90-day sales training program, Persuade to Profit.

Usually, when we don’t close a sale, our potential client has a reactionary defense response, which is a defense mechanism. It’s usually the first words that come out of someone’s mouth without thinking. Many times, their first thought is ‘I can’t afford it.’ When in reality, they have the money, but they don’t want to spend it. That’s what’s really going on in their head. So when they tell you they can’t afford it, you need to learn how to handle that objection.

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