Common Sales Myths Debunked

by Amanda Abella  - June 14, 2022

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You may already know that not everyone is comfortable with sales, but what if I told you that the reason you’re not comfortable with sales is that you believe a bunch of myths that aren’t true?

Stay tuned because we’re going to break down sales myths that keep you broke and stop you from achieving your money goals inside your business!

Sales Myth #1: Cold Calling is Not Effective

Number one, cold calling is NOT dead. In fact, cold calling is more effective than email marketing.

About six times more effective. Nowadays, people rarely pick up the phone and call someone else, so you’re putting yourself out there to make a human connection, which is one of the best ways to land a sale.

Sales Myth #2: You Only Need to Sell More

This sales belief is both true and false. While you do need to have an entire pipeline, you also need to have a full pipeline of quality leads.

In addition, you need to ensure that the leads you are talking to are the right and qualified to buy your products or services.

Sales Myth #3: People will Buy No Matter What

If they know the facts, they will buy; however, you’ll need to give them information so they can decide.

However, suppose you start selling your services based on features such as getting a specific number of consultations or telling your prospective buyers about details.

In that case, you’re missing the point. The only item your potential client cares about is how you can solve their problem!

Sales Myth #4: Understanding Sales and Making Money Makes You a Greedy Person

Knowing sales and making lots of money DOES NOT make you a greedy asshole.

However, you’ll see this false pretense for sales almost everywhere because it’s widespread.

I’ve worked through this mindset challenge with my team. I’ve worked through these types of limiting beliefs with our clients.

Sales Myth #5: If You Build Your Business, They Will Come (and Buy)

This is not true. You can post all day long on social media and tell people about your product or service. Still, if you don’t try to sell yourself, people won’t buy what you’re selling.

Did you know that it takes, on average, about three years of consistent content on YouTube (assuming you have the keywords right) before you can gain decent SEO traction? Now, suppose you’re exclusively using YouTube for your advertising. In that case, that’s potentially tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue you lost because you were waiting for your YouTube channel to pop off!

Instead, use your time more effectively by learning how to prospect, go into the marketplace and put yourself in front of your potential clients to generate sales.

And most businesses need both inbound and outbound sales. But, when you’re just getting started, your sales will primarily be outbound because no one knows who you are. We help you create your own follow-up strategy in Persuade to Profit, so if you’re new to the business, come check it out!

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