How to Convert Leads into Sales

by Amanda Abella  - May 24, 2022


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Let’s say a lead reaches out to you in a DM on Instagram, and they really want to work with you and what you have to offer. So you get on the phone, and everything goes great.

But then They tell you to send an invoice, and you hear crickets because they don’t pay. You find out later that they want to move the project back to next quarter or next year and that you should stay tuned.

I’ve heard this scenario so many times, so I’m gonna teach you how to turn leads into clients.

Tip #1 Ask for the Sale

Number one is to ask for this sale. Now, this may seem like a duh moment – No shit, you need to ask for the sale! However, you’d be surprised at how many women business owners I speak to every week who are not asking for money. Instead, they go through a sales call and wait for the lead or the prospect to take the lead.

Here’s the thing – the lead is waiting for you to take the lead. You need to close the deal. The responsibility is on you to close. Give them payment plans, send them the invoice and ask for a credit card.

How would you like to make your first payment? Will that be Visa, MasterCard, or American Express? I need your signature here, here, and here and we can get started. If you want to take this up a notch, make an order form and have it ready to go.

Now, when you’re closing someone, you can ask them how they would like to make their first payment. I’m dropping the order form in the zoom link right now or emailing the order form or invoice to you. Let’s get started right now! So ask for the sale and close it with money.

Tip #2 Pre-Qualify your Leads

Many business owners waste their time with people who are not qualified to buy from their company. When pre-qualifying your leads, you need to find out their problem, if you can solve it, and if they have the means to pay. How to pre-qualify what questions you need to ask and how to get to that conclusion depends on several factors.

The good news is that we teach all of that in Persuade to Profit because you need to be specific depending on the type of business you have. In addition, you’ll also know that once you get to the sales call, if they say I can’t afford it, you can tell if that’s really what’s going on or if that’s just a reaction. You must learn how to handle that objection, which we also teach in Persuade to Profit.

Tip #3 Follow-up with Your Leads

The fortune is in the follow-up! Even the best salespeople do not close 100% of leads. Depending on the type of person that you’re selling to, your sale could just be a longer sales cycle.

For example, suppose you’re selling to corporations. In that case, that’s a much larger sales cycle than selling to a consumer or a small business. Therefore, you need to have a good follow-up process in place. Follow-up is one part of the game. Only 2% of salespeople follow up more than once. And in reality, you need to be following up seven times. However, with social media and the amount of content thrown at people, you may have to follow up as many as 15 times before they buy! Such frequency matters.

The other thing that matters is creativity. Don’t send a message that reads “just checking in – Just following up” You want to get creative and find effective ways of getting someone’s attention.

You have to use multiple ways to follow up with people, including phone, texts, video, social media, and, yes, even snail mail. You can have a lot of fun with the snail mail, and it needs to be specific content.

We help you create your own follow-up strategy in Persuade to Profit. So the information on how to join us and persuade us to profit is below. And it’s always. If you like this post, go ahead and comment. Make sure to subscribe and join our YouTube family. And remember, to Make Money, Your Honey!

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