Facebook & Instagram Outage: How to Bulletproof Your Business

by Amanda Abella  - March 6, 2024

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In the wake of the recent Facebook and Instagram outages, businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide are facing a stark realization. Many have constructed their enterprises solely on the foundations of these social platforms, leaving them vulnerable to unexpected disruptions. Today, I’m here to share insights from my journey and the pivotal lessons learned during these digital hiccups. Specifically, I’ll unveil how I managed to attract a hundred thousand page views to our lead magnets without relying on Instagram and Facebook, revealing my top three traffic sources that stand resilient against such outages.

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Understanding the Impact of the Facebook and Instagram Outage

On a seemingly ordinary day, as I attempted to log into Facebook, I was met with unexpected barriers. This incident, coupled with the alarming thought of a potential hack, quickly escalated into concern. However, reassurance came through notifications from our community, highlighting the widespread nature of the Facebook and Instagram outage. This event underscores a critical message for businesses: the peril of placing all your digital eggs in one basket. During the infamous outage of October 2021, while many panicked, my business experienced a landmark six-figure month, undisturbed by the chaos.

Why Facebook and Instagram Aren’t the Be-all and End-all

The cornerstone of my business strategy diverges from conventional online wisdom. Rather than tethering our success to a single social media channel, we’ve nurtured multiple conduits for lead generation. This multifaceted approach not only insulated us during the outages but also cemented our business’s resilience and sustainability. Our diverse strategies ensure that, regardless of the online climate, our business thrives, unfazed by fluctuations in social media accessibility.

The Top Three Traffic Sources Unveiled

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Our primary traffic source, SEO, leverages both our website content and YouTube channel, optimized for search engines. This long-term strategy has exponentially increased our visibility, underscoring the power of crafting content with targeted keywords. The fruits of this approach are evident in the significant traffic and high conversion rates on our landing pages.

2. Referral Partners:

The alliances we’ve built with businesses that serve similar markets but aren’t direct competitors have proven invaluable. These partnerships have not only expanded our reach but also enriched our lead sources, further diversifying our traffic and bolstering our resilience against online disruptions.

3. Earned Media:

Our presence in renowned publications and popular podcasts has significantly amplified our exposure. This earned media, compounded over time, continues to attract traffic and leads, testament to the enduring value of visibility beyond social media.

Facebook and Instagram Outage: Building a Sustainable Business Beyond Social Media

The recent outages serve as a vivid reminder of the vulnerabilities inherent in over-reliance on social media for business growth. Instead, cultivating a robust, multi-channel strategy enhances not only the stability but also the sustainability of your business. Focusing on SEO, nurturing referral partnerships, and maximizing earned media can create a durable foundation for your enterprise, immune to the vicissitudes of social media landscapes.

As we continue to navigate the digital era’s uncertainties, let the recent Facebook and Instagram outages be a catalyst for broadening our marketing horizons. By investing in diverse, resilient traffic sources, we can ensure our businesses thrive, regardless of the online weather.

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