3 Super Effective Sales Follow-Up Strategies to Close More Clients

by Amanda Abella  - April 13, 2021

Statistics on Women-Owned Businesses

78% of women run businesses never make it past $50,000 a year in gross revenue, meaning they don’t make enough money in profits to even cover their living expenses. When I hear statistics such as these, I’m on my mission to change this so women can become financially independent through their business.

Sales Tips and Skill Sets that Lead to Making Money

We really need to talk about skill sets that lead to making good money.

One essential sales skill is good follow-up.

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Today, we’re going to talk about three super-effective followup strategies that you can start using immediately!

Sales as a Skill Set

As a business owner, you have to learn this skill set. I would venture to say, as a human, you should know this skill set because it’s the one thing that ensures you don’t worry about money at the time of recording this.

The first issue is you’re not talking to enough people, meaning you don’t have enough time in front of leads or referrals. You’re not having enough conversations and presenting your product or service in front of enough people.

Many business owners don’t realize they are the lead person in their sales force and the importance of following up. Even if you’re a great salesperson and running a business, if you are a woman, coach, or course creator, you are the lead salesperson.

If you are the CEO of a business, you’ve probably been making sales for a long time. At this point, you can hire out sales to a team.

The problem most women business owners have is they don’t know how to sell and don’t follow up with potential clients. Even if you’re the best salesperson on the planet, no one has a hundred percent close rate, so you have to be consistent and use your sales skill set, along with a follow-up, to close your sales.

Sales Follow Up

Remember that you’re dealing with humans and that they have a lot going on in their life.

As a result, you have to get going at your follow-up game.

The thing is, most people fail to follow up because they don’t have an organized system.

Selling Your Solution

Another much more profound issue and emotional block are that they don’t want to “annoy the other person.” When you have the solution to their problem, you need to bother them and remind them that you have their answer. Let them know that they can get their problem fixed. It’s your responsibility and duty to make sure this happens.

If you don’t close them, they’re going to walk off with the same damn problem, which someone else may fix for them, and then you lose the opportunity to serve them. Or the other option I see is that your potential client will spend their money on some bullshit that isn’t going to help them solve the problem.

Show Off Your Client Wins

When you’re following up with people if you had clients that celebrated a win, share it in your Facebook group. Then screenshot their win and email it to your list to show potential clients that they can achieve the same success.

Showing others what is possible for them and recent wins and accomplishments from your clients is a highly effective way to get the word out about how you solve problems. Besides sharing a still photo, I always encourage people to get video testimonials from their clients. A third option you can create is having a short interview with your clients and post the discussion on your Facebook group or other social media.

Lastly, you can produce a showcase event as an introductory type class or event showing people what you do and how they can buy your product. This can be in the form of a webinar or a free one-day event. We invite people to our Facebook group in our showcase, where we’ll do a complimentary training once a week.

Update people on upcoming changes, price increases, dwindling availability, or bonuses expiring to create an immediacy to buy. These strategies are super effective in getting new clients.

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