3 Side Hustle Ideas for Beginning Entrepreneurs

by Amanda Abella  - July 18, 2019

Welcome to Business Tip Thursday! In this weekly segment, I cover the most requested business and entrepreneurship topics from my community. And in this segment we’re covering a few side hustle ideas for beginning business owners.

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Why You Might Want to Ease Your Way Into Entrepreneurship

I’ve been an entrepreneur of sorts for almost 10 years. It all started in 2010 with a blog and a quick Google search of “how to make money writing.”

I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur for six years and currently run a multiple six-figure business with myself, a full-time employee and a team of contractors.

There’s been a lot that happened in between 2010 and now to get me to where I am. For example, I knew nothing about business. I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but had to deal with some mindset shifts in order to achieve it. I also experimented with different side hustle ideas over the years until I got perfect clarity on what I wanted to do.

Here are some of those ideas…

Freelance Writing

My entire journey started with freelance writing and it’s one of my favorite side hustle ideas. There is a huge demand out there for content marketing. In addition, it’s easy to get started! I cover this in my course How to Make Money Your Honey with Writing.

I also teach my Persuade to Profit students that freelance writing is like getting paid to promote yourself. I freelanced for 8 years and it helped me build the brand and clout I have today because my name is everywhere.

Design and Coding

Another option for side hustle ideas is design and coding. Tons of people already do this so you might as well get clients on your own! In fact, my web designer who created this award-winning site taught herself how to design and code and now she has a six figure business!

Etsy Shop

Many years ago I tried my hand at having an Etsy shop just to make some extra money. I figured I might as well give this side hustle idea a shot. I also had an evergrowing gemstone collection I needed to declutter and I knew people sold collectibles on Etsy.

Well, to my surprise, I actually started selling items! I never went full throttle with it but my little experiment showed that you can actually make some money on Etsy.

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