10 Ways to Use AI Digital Marketing In Your Business

by Amanda Abella  - January 16, 2023

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AI Digital Marketing is the hottest marketing trend of 2023. In this video, we’re sharing 10 different ways you can use AI Digital Marketing in your business to increase your visibility, save you time and save you money. Who doesn’t want that right?

1. Use AI Digital Marketing for Your Sales Copy

You can use tools like ChatGPT and Copy.ai to write your sales copy for you. I personally prefer Copy.ai because I find it to be more user-friendly and organized.

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2. Use AI Digital Marketing for Opt In Marketing Copy

If you have opt ins, AI can write the opt in page copy for you.

3. Use AI Digital Marketing to Create Opt Ins and Info Products

AI can create entire info products like whitepapers, ebooks and guides. Simply tell it what to do and edit the result.

4. Use AI Digital Marketing for Social Media Captions

AI can write all kinds of social media captions from Instagram captions, to tweets, to hashtags to YouTube descriptions to Facebook ads. It can literally do it all.

5. Use AI Digital Marketing to Write Blog Posts

AI can be used to write entire keyword focused blog posts. This particular blog was not written by AI, but others on this website have been. Just note that Google is getting good at detecting content that was written by AI and frowns upon it. So what you want to do is use AI as the base and edit accordingly. It saves so much time it’s absolutely incredible.

6. Use AI Digital Marketing to write YouTube scripts

AI can write entire YouTube scripts for you with the right keywords, research and proper formatting.

7. Use AI Digital Marketing for all things YouTube

There are also several AI tools that tell you what content to post based on channel data, keywords and descriptions. This has been one of my favorite and most effective ways to use AI digital marketing in 2023 and our views have increased by tens of thousands a month.

The AI is getting better results than humans I was paying thousands of dollars a month to for this kind of work. Plus it doesn’t take me nearly as long to create the content.

8. Use AI Digital Marketing for Email Marketing

If you have an email list for your business (which you should) then you likely know you need to be marketing to them regularly. I’ve been marketing to my list almost daily since 2017. While I can usually crank out valuable content pretty easily, as my business grows I need to be more efficient and spend my time on things that give me more leverage. Plus the creative juices aren’t always “on.” Not a problem, AI digital marketing tools allow me get 10 emails done in almost no time. I’ve even had colleagues mention how they’ve gotten a month’s worth of emails done in an hour.

9. Use AI Digital Marketing to Create Video

There are several AI marketing tools you can use to create entire videos. Simply give the tool the script and it will make an entire video for you. I tested this out on my YouTube channel when I was sick and couldn’t film and it worked like a charm.

10. Use Ai Digital Marketing to draft pitch emails

As someone who used to have to cold pitch companies every day, I wish I would have had AI a decade ago. I played with Copy.ai to see if it could write cold pitch sales emails and it actually did a pretty good job. I was impressed.

As a former content marketer turned business owner, I can tell you that AI digital marketing is changing the game for business. It’s making it easier than ever to produce more marketing content so that you can go focus on other things without it costing too much time or money. We’re definitely living in some exciting times!


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