How to Use Copy AI for Instagram (with a Step-By-Step Guide)

by Amanda Abella  - January 19, 2023

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All right, so in this video we’re doing a walkthrough of Copy AI for Instagram. It could do hashtags, captions, carousel posts, product posts. We’re gonna be playing with all of it. So if that’s something that interests you, make sure to subscribe hit the notification bell, like, comment, do all the things.

For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Amanda Bay. I’m the top female sales trainer online. I spent eight years previous to that as a content marketer, and on this channel we cover everything –  sales, marketing, mindset, and systems, which are the four things that you need to make money. Without further ado, let’s go.

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Why I Started Using Copy AI for Instagram

I was drawing a blank on an Instagram caption cuz it’s the end of the day. I’ve been training and doing sales all day and I’m like, dang, I gotta post that video on Instagram. I have no more creative thought left in me for the day. So I was like, well, okay, let’s go to copy ai right?

And see what it comes up with. I wanted to show you guys what I was doing and how I used it. So I just posted a video on Instagram. It’s, it’s a YouTube video about why people are not getting coaching clients, and I turned that into a snippet with another tool called Descript, which there’s a video about that on this channel too, so make sure to go find that one.

Copy AI for Instagram Caption

Women coaches not knowing how to express the value of what they. In a way that is understandable, because that’s what I say in the clip. I chose my tone, which is friendly, and here’s what it gave me. We want women coaches to express the value of what they offer in a way that’s understandable.

And we don’t just want them to say, I’m an expert, this is good. I would just change it to what I actually said in the video versus I’m an expert. Let me see. As a woman coach, I’ve learned that it is my responsibility to provide clarity and get people excited about what I do. I could use, maybe I could use that.

I did not. Like this one at all. This was like not even relevant. Every piece of coaching you do is valuable. Understanding that and knowing how to communicate that to other women can help bring the culture of empowerment. Like that was just cheesy. That that’s just corny. Like we’re not, we’re not doing that.

“The value of a coach is hard to express and understand, but it can be incredibly powerful when you learn to express the value of what you offer in a way that is understandable and memorable. You’re making your company stronger and you can attract more.” I like this one. I think this is the one I’m going to use.

I just have to edit a couple of words, but this one’s good. I like it. I like it a lot.

Copy AI For Product Showcase

Let’s try the product showcase since we’re already in.

I actually don’t have physical products that I sell, so I’m totally making this up right now. If anybody has physical products that they sell, just let me know in the comments if this works for you. So, product brand name. Let’s say make money. Your Honey actually just pulled it from the last thing that I did.

Women coaches not knowing how to express the value of what, but that’s not a description of a product, let’s say. I do have a product maybe, let’s see, let’s see if we can make this work. A media calendar. No, actually I know a collection of a 20 plus sales scripts that can be used in any sales situation.

Now I’m not giving it a lot to work with and I’m kind of doing that on purpose cuz I wanna see what it spits.

it’s thinking. I love this little computer thing while it’s thinking. We all love sales. Making money while helping others is a dream come true. I’m glad it knows that about sales. So we put together 20 plus scripts you can use in any sales situation. Simply practice it. Oh, I like that one. Can I save this?

Saved? How about, I’m actually am gonna save this. So sales script vault.

Okay. This is a book full of complex sales scripts, not a book, but sure. I can make that work. Incredibly reader friendly and easy to understand. You just need to plug it into your situation and you’ll take care of the rest. . These are the five different categories of scripts. That’s actually pretty good.

I can work with that. It’s not perfect, but I can work with it. Our team has been working hard to bringing this collection of sales scripts focused on making money in your life. Listen and follow the steps in this freak ebook. Okay? It’s not bad, you know, you can work with this stuff. You can work with it if your brain is, has gone kaput like-minded at the end of the day today.

Copy AI for Carousel Post

Carousel post. What is your topic? I don’t know. Let’s say something that some people would say would require a human, let’s see, qualifying in sales situations or that’s not working. How to properly qualify in sales situations.

Let’s see what it comes up with.

Hook when a qualifying a sale, make sure to ask this question, how much can you afford? No terrible question to ask. A qualifying in sales. This is why AI’s not gonna be able to take over humans in sales. Do you have access to the tools that you need? Do you understand the sales process? No, this is terrible.

I didn’t give it a lot of context, right? But this is not how you qualify people. Okay? How to prove their prospects that you’re qualified. Not what I was trying to go for, but could be a different kind of post. Looking to sell your services, understand your customer and their goals, while be able to explain in detail how the service will help them sell the benefit, not the product.

That’s true. Ask for the business after you understand. don’t give a big up sale. That’s actually not bad, right? Not really what I was trying, what I told it to do, but not bad. Mm. How do you properly qualify your leads? Ask for the number. Ask for the names. Ask what they’re looking to buy, how they found you.

All right. Some of these are trash, some of them are okay. This is the biggest mistake salespeople make. They assume everyone wants their product. . I mean, you kind of should assume that , they assume their product is good for everyone. That’s actually, that’s a valid mistake. They don’t qualify effectively.

That’s valid. They assume a qualified lead is ready to buy. You should assume the sale. But I get what it’s trying to say. Like, not everybody’s gonna buy right away. I get what it’s trying to say, but from a mindset perspective, you sh you should assume the sale. Like you should go in there and be like, I’m closing this.

It’s a mindset thing. Not terrible. I can actually, like if I were to do a carousel post, I could use some of these. It’s not exactly what I asked it to do. Right? Not, maybe not exactly what I was looking for, but there are some of these that I can actually work with.

Copy AI Hashtag Generator

Let’s do this. What was the original thing that I did? Women coaches not knowing. How to express the value of what they offer. Create content, some hashtags,

women candidates, women in politics, no , women coaches, coaching women in business, women, not that’s, that’s more valid. It’s definitely more valid.

Oh, I’d probably use something like this one. All right, so that’s how to use copy AI for Instagram. I like it just cuz it’s more user friendly with like chat g p T you just have to keep prompting it and at the end of the day, I just don’t have the brain space for it. Whereas copy ai basically prompts you.

Right. And then you input and it goes. So I like that. Hopefully, you guys found this really valuable. Make sure to light, comment, subscribe, do all the things. I’ll see you in the next video.

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