Your Business Isn’t Successful If You Can’t Pay Yourself

by Amanda Abella  - September 1, 2020

If you’ve built a “successful business,” and you are working 24-7, have no time to yourself, and can’t even pay yourself a salary, something is off.

I’ve had many conversations with mostly women business owners who are in this position. When asked about their business, they say they are “OK” or “doing well.” They’re making $10,000 a month, but their profit is only $2000. Additionally, they’re working 24 seven.

I have multiple six-figure businesses that are scaling to seven. Even though we’re making the same amount of money, I’m working fewer hours. I pay myself a salary.

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Bring Awareness to Your Business Lifestyle

I’m not here to judge you about how you manage your money. I want to bring to your awareness of the business lifestyle you are choosing to live.

If you’ve built a successful business, but you can’t take any time off, and you can’t pay yourself a salary, then you can’t call that scenario a success. You’ve created a prison for yourself. Here are key indicators that you are not successful and how you can start to change your business situation.


Key Indicators Your Business Isn’t Successful

I noticed a common factor for people who are in this situation – they only offer one on one work. You’re stuck doing one on one work and haven’t taken the stuff that’s in your brain and turned it into a scalable product. Start thinking about how you can scale your business and what needs to get done.


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