Where to Find the Best Notion Templates

by Amanda Abella  - April 24, 2023

We’re continuing our series on Notion and I’m answering more of your questions! This week we’re going to be diving into where to find the best Notion templates.

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Why start with Notion Templates?

Unless you just love to mess around with databases – which I don’t – then Notion can seem like a lot when you’re just getting started. It makes complete sense because it can actually do a lot.

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When I was getting started with Notion I found it to be easier to download a bunch of templates and play with them until I found what stuck. Besides, if somebody else already did the heavy lifting I’d rather just grab what they did.

Over time when I got more comfortable with it then I started making my own like this free content marketing calendar template you can download.


Best Notion Templates: Productivity YouTubers

I have found productivity Youtubers have the best Notion templates. Jules Acree and Marie Poulin have created my favorite templates that I use on almost daily basis. They aren’t the only ones though, there is a plethora of productive YouTubers that are all over Notion.

The templates on YouTube aren’t always free but they are very cost effective. Especially if you end up buying entire packs that work together and help you organize your entire life. For example, I bought a pack from Jules Acree that came with every template I could need to do project and life management.

Best Notion Templates: Notion Template Library

Notion has an entire library of all kinds of templates other people have made. They have their monthly picks as well as hundreds of templates for all kinds of things from sales to health regimens.




Best Notion Templates: Google!

Yup. Good ol’ Google. Just get clear on what kind of template you are looking for and do a search.

Also, if you’d like to give one of my custom templates a shot, check out our video on how to use Notion for content management below.

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