What I Learned About Sales While Manifesting a House in Mexico

by Amanda Abella  - September 26, 2023


Welcome to another insightful episode of the Make Money, Your Honey podcast! In this edition, we’re diving deep into a fascinating experience that holds invaluable sales lessons. We’re thrilled to share our journey of manifesting a house in Mexico within 24 hours and the essential takeaways we gathered along the way. Join us as we explore how the principles of effective sales strategies mirror the process of securing our dream home. From connecting with people to acting with urgency, we’ll uncover the essential sales lessons that can transform your business.

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Lesson 1: Connecting with People is Essential for Success

Just as we reached out to numerous leads, real estate agents, and acquaintances to find our dream house, successful sales also require effective connections. Whether it’s cold calling, direct messaging, or networking, engaging with potential clients is the cornerstone of any thriving business. The value of establishing genuine connections cannot be underestimated, as it’s through these connections that opportunities arise.

Lesson 2: Embrace Focus, Consistency, and Urgency

Our house manifestation journey demanded laser-focused attention and an unwavering commitment to our goal. Similar dedication is essential in sales. The energy you invest in reaching your sales targets should mirror the urgency that propels us to achieve our dreams. Consistency and determination fuel the sales process, making every interaction an opportunity to progress toward your objectives.

Lesson 3: Asking for Help Amplifies Success

Just as we reached out to the doorman, real estate agents, and even friends, seeking assistance is a crucial aspect of effective sales. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or guidance when navigating the sales landscape. Collaborating with others who possess valuable insights can significantly enhance your sales strategies and ultimately lead to greater success.

Lesson 4: Embrace the “Act as If” Mentality

Acting as if you’ve already achieved your goals can accelerate your success. We visited properties we knew were beyond our means and visualized living there. This principle applies to sales as well. Presenting yourself confidently as an expert in your field can inspire trust and lead to better sales outcomes.

Lesson 5: Invest, Commit, and Put Skin in the Game

Putting money, energy, and effort into achieving your sales targets is crucial. Just as we invested time, energy, and resources into our house manifestation process, committing to your sales goals can yield significant returns. The more invested you are in your success, the more likely you are to overcome obstacles and secure impressive results.


Our journey of manifesting a house in Mexico taught us invaluable sales lessons that have the power to transform any business. From establishing connections and embracing urgency to seeking help, adopting the “act as if” mentality, and putting skin in the game, these principles can elevate your sales strategies to new heights. Remember, sales is not just about making money—it’s about securing opportunities, building relationships, and achieving your goals. If you’re ready to unleash your sales potential and drive your business forward, consider the lessons we’ve shared and apply them to your own journey of success.


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