Secrets to Skyrocketing Your Business with AI: Uncover the Top AI Marketing Tools!

by Amanda Abella  - April 3, 2023

In this week’s video, we’re discussing how to skyrocket your business with AI by uncovering the top AI marketing tools you can start using right now. This is based on at least 90 days of data testing different tools and beginning to see great results – particularly with our video content!

As always, I’ve put everything into a guide with video tutorials for you which you can download for free here.

Check out this week’s video:

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Top AI Marketing Tools #1: ChatGPT

I’ve used ChatGPT for just about everything. I’ve used it for everything from content creation to creating sales role play scripts my team can our clients can use to practice. It does just about anything you need it to do which is why it made the list of top AI marketing tools.

The downside is the copy wasn’t great. When I asked it to write a marketing email it basically created a 1980s cold pitch sales email. You can watch that below.

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Top AI Marketng Tools #2: Notion AI

I am OBSESSED with Notion. I discovered it about a year ago to help me organize my entire life and was very excited when they released AI. Out of all the tools on this list this one may be my favorite just because I was already using Notion for project and life management and then they supercharged it with AI.

I have a whole other video on 13 different ways you can use Notion AI which I will leave below.

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Top AI Marketing Tools #3: VidIQ

VidIQ has quickly turned into my favorite AI Marketing tool that is specifically for YouTube. It’s thanks to VidIQ that we’ve begun ranking for certain search terms which then YouTube is using to promote our stuff. VidIQ is getting better results than humans I paid thousands of dollars to. I did a deeper dive into VidIQ in my first ever AI Marketing video which I will also leave below:

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Top AI Marketing Tools #4:

Since I was a marketer and blogger for eight years before I started teaching sales, I don’t often find myself using AI to help me with copy. However, sometimes I’m tired, the creative juices aren’t flowing or I need a starting point. For those instances I use which is much better at writing marketing copy than ChatGPT is. It’s not perfect and you definitely still need to put your own spin on it, but it saves you time and gets the job done.

Below you’ll find a video on how to use Copy.AI specifically for Instagram.

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Top AI Marketing Tools #5: Descript

Descript is my current preferred tool for podcasting and video editing – mostly because it makes the process fast an enjoyable. One of the reasons it took me years to get my video game together is because I hated editing videos and outsourcing wasn’t giving us enough return on investment to justify the cost. Now with descript it gets done very quickly and easily and the videos look fantastic!

Plus my team and I have a really fun time using it. I did a video walkthrough of Descript in our general AI Marketing video which you can find by scrolling up.

Final Thoughts

These top AI marketing tools have helped me get more visibility for my business, streamline our marketing process and save a ton of money. In just three months we’re starting to get ROI for our efforts like YouTube becoming one of our top three lead sources. It’s making everything so much easier and more effective. Stay tuned because you’ll be seeing way more AI marketing videos from me.

In the meantime, don’t forget to download our AI marketing resource guide.

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