Three Steps to Doubling Your Revenue in 60 days

by Amanda Abella  - July 6, 2021

Fellow financial coach, Lisa, joins me in a deep dive pm ways to double your business revenue in 10 to 12 weeks.

Business Means Making Money

The purpose of a business is to bring in new money every single day.

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Now, the problem that many people have is that they don’t have suitable structures in place to make sure they can bring in that money. So they need to make an impact every single day if they want to bring in money daily.

If you’re not making a move toward your revenue goal daily, then you’ll need to start at square one.

Sales Equate to Revenue Which Brings More Options

I believe that women make great salespeople once they understand the world of sales. And if you own a business, make no mistake, you are in sales.

I recently announced to my team that I’m not working Fridays. I’m not working Fridays anymore because I don’t want to, and I don’t have to because I’m making enough money to work a four-day workweek. Money equals options; revenue equals options.

Money gives you options, so we need to get clear about how to bring money and revenue into your business. In addition, money brings security. That’s especially important for women who feel dependent on a partner for income. Learning how to sell and make money gives you the ability to create for yourself. In turn, this lessens your financial dependence on others.

Increase Revenue By Changing Your Money Mindset

You’ll need a positive money mindset to double your revenue. You don’t need to be salesy or pushy or become a fake personality. What’s great about making more money is creating more income while being your unique self and showing up in your brilliance. You can be in complete authenticity and integrity and still improve the world.

Your mindset should revolve around your own business. You have to know how to hunt, and you’ll need to know your prey drive. I’ve become the Huntress because it’s sexier than being a hunter.

Setting Targets and Getting Clear on Business Goals

Setting targets and getting clear on the amount of money you want to make is vital if you’re creating more revenue.

You’ll need to learn particular sales skills, such as how to find prospects.

Learn How to Think Like A Female Executive

Studies have shown that more women on the executive team outperform those with more males on the executive team. This is because executive women understand that the female salespeople in corporate companies and women business owners understand the Huntress archetype. They understand Diana, the Artemis huntress types, and that sales are a game

Bringing Home the Bread for Your Little Bears

Lisa comments that it was a matter of putting food on the table for her kids when her husband didn’t have a paycheck to give her.

As a result, she was motivated to start her own business to bring home a paycheck, so she didn’t have to rely on a single source of money for her children.

Shifting to a Scalable Business Model

Leverage your time and make your time work for you by building a scalable business model. We have been told, trained, and drilled with the idea that making money is hard, takes a long time, and that you trade time for dollars.

If you have the proper structures in place, if you work on your mindset and have adequate training, it doesn’t take that long. You should scale your business within one quarter; once you have the proper structures and the skill sets in place, you will make money quickly. On average, our clients are doubling their businesses in 60 to 90 days.

Staying Focused to Avoid Working Long Hours

You don’t have free time; you have flex time. With this time, you need to know what to do and what not to do.

Once you understand what you need to do, you can cut out tasks that aren’t in line with your priorities.

Three Components to Create More Sales

Number one, you have to create an offer that scales, and if you want to double your sales in the next 60 days, you’ll need to consider restructuring your business model.

Secondly, you need to test your product or service on the market. Did your idea come out of your head? Okay. We got to test this in the market to get feedback and find out what people want and need and then create a product or service that sells easily because you are catering to people’s needs.

Third, you have to increase the visibility and frequency of your digital content. We put a lot of content out here, out on the internet, because our clients come from different contact methods such as our podcast, newsletter, or YouTube channel.

Choose one or two social media channels and do a better job promoting your brand and providing valuable content on the two social media channels. Then you can add a third social media channel once the first two are consistently having content daily.

Action Steps

Following these steps can scale your business and income to the level you want to achieve.

To find out more, jump in my course, Persuade to Profit, where I can show you, in detail, how to leverage your skillset, make the sale, and increase your profitability by scaling your business today!

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