The Types of Wounded Feminine Energy

by Amanda Abella  - August 30, 2022

Is the wounded feminine energy running your business and your life? If so, you’ll want to read on because this is part I of our how to be feminine series (and still kick ass with sales).

What is the Wounded Feminine Persona?

The wounded feminine energy isn’t about sex or gender; it’s about the feminine energy both males and females have in their energy fields. Specific characteristics are some feminine and some masculine. So let’s start here with some examples.

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Even though both men and women can have male or female energy, women tend to have more feminine energy. Generally speaking, it’s where we tend to feel good and more fulfilled.

Now for most of us, we have what is wounded feminine energy.  This came about when the patriarchy viewed femininity as dangerous or harmful, mainly because they feared our power (did you hear that, ladies, our POWER!) And if you think you have to wear a dress or put on makeup to be feminine, then you think of physical features, not energetically. Femininity isn’t wearing a pretty dress or lipstick or having long lashes. Being feminine means, you have feminine energy qualities such as being fun.

The wounded feminine energy does not serve us, so let’s go to the whiteboard to talk about those behaviors, and you can determine whether or not you’re being run by a wounded feminine energy.

What are Wounded Feminine Energy Traits?

If you have any or all of these, you may be in the category of the wounded feminine energy. These include: being a people pleaser, not honoring your intuition, looking for external validation from others, staying in unhealthy relationships, feeling unworthy of love, emotionally insecure, and feeling powerless.

And because there are many archetypes that people have used in the personal development spaces and business spaces to discuss wounded feminine, for our purposes today, we will focus on the two main categories for now: slave and princess.

The Slave Wounded Female Archetype

The slave wounded female archetype is overworking. The slave is trying to prove herself through overworking. She’s a perfectionist and has loose boundaries. She’s a people pleaser and feels responsible for herself and overly responsible for others’ welfare. I see this with many women business owners, you are overly responsible for your clients and their results, and then you get mad when they don’t do their part to grow their business. You need to remember that they’re grown-ass adults. They must put on their big girl and boy pants and get to work!

The Overly Responsible Wounded Female Archetype

The overly responsible female archetype often happens in combination with the slave. I was talking to someone on a diagnostic the other day, and they mentioned how they take the blame and fall for everything in their realm. Honestly, that is being overly responsible.

Women in this archetype often get walked on because of the lack of boundaries. Females who fall into the wounded female archetype of overly responsible don’t value themselves – they value everyone else first. When you are a slave archetype, you don’t value yourself, which is why this is named slave. Historically, slaves are unable to own anything – even their own self.

The Princess Wounded Female Archetype

This archetype defaults to being very upset about almost everything. Princess archetypes also don’t want to work. So, whereas the slave is overworking, the princess doesn’t want to put in the effort that is required to get the result that she wants. She’s a diva and a spoiled brat. These archetypes are usually at the center of the drama that is going on in their life as well.

In addition, the princess types don’t take responsibility for their actions. Instead, they’re likely to blame others for any negative circumstances they find themselves in. These women like to play the victim and won’t own any of their decisions. Often, these types of personalities are energy-draining vortexes of negativity, and most people don’t engage with them for this reason.

This is all wounded, feminine. And if you find yourself in one of these categories, not to worry! You can shift your perspective and mindset starting today! And as you grow and expand in your business, these may try to creep back into your life. So be on the lookout to ensure you stay conscious and aware of what’s going on in your head!
The awareness is critical, just knowing that this is happening and then being aware in that moment, understanding what’s going on, showing compassion for ourselves, and choosing to behave differently, expanding to the level you can expand. So that is my breakdown of what wounded feminine looks like and how it could show up in your business.

Which of these traits are you noticing? Going on in your life and in your business. And when it pertains to your bank account, leave them in the comments below; I’ve I, and if there’s one that I didn’t mention, also put it in the comments. This is just what I’ve noticed over the last 12 years through my journey, and also helping hundreds of not thousands of women at this point through my business.

And by the way, I wanna be clear that although we have our shadow side, this can be transformed. When you’re coming to like a new level, she will want to come back out. So learn to love her, learn to work with her, and learn to transform her rather than be mad at her.

There’s also practical work that needs to occur because the empowered feminine will roll her sleeves up and do the work that she needs to do. So our assessment can help you figure out. What it is that you need to do in your coaching business to double your sales in the next 60 days?

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