hugettetestimonialMeeting with Amanda for the first time I thought I’d get a little business coaching and brush up on some entrepreneurial skills, but boy was I in for a pleasant surprise. Her key points and templates for organization (of any resource) became part of my life’s mission statement. With just a couple of simple tips, Amanda revolutionized my view of business and finances in general. I’m coming back for seconds without a doubt!

~ Hugette Montesinos, Founder & Editor in Chief of DISfunkshion Magazine


Amanda Abella testimonial from Phillip Richardson
Phillip Richardson, Boxer + Poet + IT Manager + @invisiblephil

Meandering sessions and thought provoking questions provided an entertaining and useful coaching course. We may not have ended up at the destination I had originally envisioned, but we ended up pointing in thedirection that I needed to go. Amanda can be infuriating with questions that you are politely trying to avoid. (This is usually true when she happens to be right.) If you are after someone positive who will help you reach your own insights about where you should be taking your life, then I can highly recommend working with Amanda.





 I didn’t think I needed (or wanted) help, nevermind a coach, but something drew me to Amanda, so I gave it a shot. In a very short time, Amanda helped me reveal my real values and desires, and how to successfully design a career and life within those values. Talking to Amanda allows you to put your shoulders down, take a deep breath and feel confident about pursuing your choices. She has terrific energy, great compassion and a much needed say-it-like-it-is attitude. We instantly clicked and I’m so grateful for the change that she’s brought to my life. I highly recommend her.

~Rebecca Thorman,



Coaching with Amanda is fun and insightful. Her energy is refreshing and her questions take you right where the pain is. It is not an easy journey but a wild ride with joyful laughter, enlightening realizations and actionable outcomes. What I especially appreciate in my coaching experience with her is that she is always on my side, literally cheering me on when something pans out. As a solo-entrepreneur, it is good to have someone celebrating successes with you!

~ Martina Mangelsdorf, Chief Engagement Officer at GAIA Insights,



 I started working with Amanda because I wanted to refine my blog writing skills for my business.  Even though I consider myself a capable writer, blog writing has a certain finesse that I didn’t really understand.  Amanda helped me to take my writing and organize it in a way that was easier to digest for an online reader.  She also taught me how to come up with new ideas for my blog so that things could happen more consistently (and she’s super generous with pointing out when I’m talking about something blog-worthy).  More importantly, Amanda gets excited about my success. It’s nice to know that there is someone in my corner cheering me on.  Since I started working with her my posts have been getting more reads and more comments- just from formatting alone.  She’s funny, kind, and has an infectious go-get-em attitude- all around an amazing coach!

 ~ Brandy Morris, Possibility Scout & Business Owner at



Amanda is the best thing to happen to my career! After spending some stressful time trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing as a first-time business owner, I decided I needed some major support. And who better than Amanda? (No one I say!). I’ve been working with her for the past 2 months, and she’s already helped me secure my first paying client, straighten out my finances (personal and business), and get a good handle on work/life balance. She’s excellent at guiding me to make decisions that are good for me and knows the right questions to ask in order to get me there. She’s an inspiration to me and I HIGHLY recommend her!

~Alex Cordovi, Certified Personal Trainer & Mind Body Coach, 




The “what have you got to lose” mentality she’s got going has actually helped me in realizing that’s one of the first steps in me trying to reclaim my fearlessness. Yeah, I’m sure it’ll suck to have zero income months, but if you have faith that you’ve got what it takes no matter what, it’ll work out. Or heck, even acknowledge those fears when it comes along is enough to start pushing them aside. I was fortunate enough to sit down with a coaching session with her. Some of the reasons I look up to her, and feel she will succeed is because: 1) She’s a good listener: It shows she cares, period. Why would anyone care about what she does if she isn’t invested in her clients’ successes? 2) She tells it like it is: amen to that sista! 3) She is honest: the fact that she’s willing to talk about her experiences, good or bad, will take her far.

Sarah Li Cain, Blogger & Freelance Writer at Reclaim Your Fearlessness



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Amanda Abella testimonial from Amanda Soler
Amanda Soler, Amanda Soler Photography

Amanda’s blog coaching was about more than just my blog – it was about my photography business. With her coaching I was able to grow a subscriber list, create compelling content and land clients! I’m now using my photography as an extra source of income and know that I have Amanda’s coaching to thank as a part of it.





Amanda Abella testimonial from Raven Robinson
Raven Robinson,
Veranda Lane Life and Leadership Coaching

The advice that Amanda shared with me was invaluable. Though I’ve been in business for a while, I’m brand new at blogging. After working with her, I have a better understanding of how to authentically engage with others and use the blog as a platform to grow my brand. This girl rocks in so many ways. I can tell that she really wants my blog and my business to succeed. Since working with her, the voice of my bog has improved, I have more focus and I’ve created a plan for growth based on the steps she’s given me. 2013 will be a big year thanks to my work with Amanda.

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