Social Media Marketing: How We Got 30K Views In One Day

by Amanda Abella  - March 11, 2024

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Discover how to master social media marketing for business. Learn the strategies that led to 10,000 daily views and how to apply them to your business for unparalleled growth and engagement.

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We’ve gotten over 33,000 views on one TikTok. Here is why our social media marketing is working.


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When I recorded the above video, we’d gotten over 10,000 views on our social media marketing that day. By the time it came to publishing the video, we’d gotten over 33,000 views on just one piece of social media marketing content.

So, in this post, I’m going to be explaining why we’re getting so much attention on our social media channels. For context, here is how we have the business set up so you understand how we’re using content marketing.

We have several social accounts which are as follows:

  • Make Money Your Honey brand which is this website, podcast, youtube, etc. This brand talks about sales, marketing, systems and mindset.
  • Entrepreneur Expat which is our second podcast that talks about being a digital nomad, expat life, entrepreneurship overseas, etc.
  • My personal accounts
  • Justin’s personal accounts

We use all of these accounts to drive traffic to our funnel – otherwise known as our sales engine – which then automatically nurtures leads to become our clients for the following:

  • Consulting
  • Marketing and Sales Training
  • Marketing and Sales Automations Training

A note, it’s a lot easier for us to create a lot of high quality content at high volumes because the majority of the business behind the scenes is automated.

Now that we have that our of the way, let’s explain why our content is performing so well. Keep in mind that collectively Justin and I have over 30 years of experience in digital marketing so we’re consolidating all of the experience here based on data.

Reason #1: Frequency

I know a lot of people will tell you to focus on the quality of the marketing and not the frequency. It’s BS.

The more you post, the more attention you get, the more attention you get the more likely you are to make money. Period.

Plus, the more you post the BETTER you get at creating content and the faster you get to results.

I’m convinced one of the reasons we have 33k views on TikTok for a brand that only has three podcast episodes out is because of the frequency with which we market our brands.

Because of the frequency, we got to a high performing video FASTER, we got the data FASTER and now we just rinse and repeat moving forward.

Reason #2: Controversy

One of the reasons our content – especially for the Entrepreneur Expat brand – is taking off is because of controversy.

Controversy sells. Period.

Now, we’re not actively trying to be controversial, but we are aware that there are controversial elements to Entrepreneur Expat such as:

  • We’re interviewing really successful people who understand the money game and that upsets people
  • Americans, Canadians, Europeans and Australians leaving their home countries for other countries is trending right now
  • Sometimes the content pisses off locals who feel like their lifestyle is getting more expensive due to expats moving in.
  • The content also pisses off people in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europeans who call entrepreneurial expats unpatriotic

So while YouTube and TikTok get upset and leave hate comments, entrepreneurs on LinkedIn  – who are more the target market for the brand – are intrigued and want to know more which brings me to my next point…

Reason #3: Intrigue

People are intrigued by our lifestyle, our business and our contrarian way of thinking. It’s interesting because it’s different meaning it stands out from the sea of sameness in online marketing.

While everyone regurgitates the same stuff, we actually present different viewpoints and perspectives.

Reason #4: High quality data driven content

I’ve previously written content explaining that when it comes to our social media content, we make data-driven marketing decisions. We don’t reinvent the wheel and we don’t hope and pray. We read the data and proceed accordingly.

Most recently, we took apart this entire website and found a treasure trove of data. Some of that data pointed to the fact that people were still searching for popular blog posts of mine from 10 years ago. Those included income reports, digital tool lists, lists of the best money bloggers, etc.

So what did we do? We updated and repurposed this content, such as creating a list of 20+ tools we use to optimize our business.

When we started sending these articles out to our email list, they started eating it up even sending us direct email replies wanting more information.

Social Media Marketing Conclusion

Our social media marketing is performing better than ever and it’s because we’ve combined all of these elements in our content.

It’s also because we’re simply able to market more because most of the business is automated and systematized which we can help you with here.



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