How to Move From Self-Employed to CEO in Your Business

by Amanda Abella  - September 15, 2020

Certain aspects of building a business seem like they’re very far away. However, you want to start thinking about these business elements to avoid problems and mistakes down the road. The earlier you start being proactive about specific business areas, the better off you will be in the long term.

Moving from self-employed to business owner and CEO is a transition of epic momentum, process, and energy. When done correctly, with the right mindset, it will set you up for ultimate business success.


How I Moved from Business Startup to Seven Figures

In 2016 I’d been freelancing for seven years when I realized I needed to change my business model with the realization that one good market correction and all my income could be wiped out. My epiphany was that I needed to teach something that I know and that I’m good at in business. This platform had the requirement to make money, no matter where the market was turning. I decided to go with marketing and sales training.

Secondly, I realized that my business wasn’t scalable. I had to spend my own time working on getting paid. I could only make more money when taking on more work. And quite frankly, I didn’t want to spend more hours working. I’m not about that type of lifestyle.


How I Reached My Bigger Goals

I had bigger goals to earn multi-six and eventually seven-figure income. Chime in my idea to build Persuade to Profit. This business model had me bringing in over six figures in two years.

Revamping my role to coach, consultant, and trainer without performing one on one work, really made a difference for my income. For the most part, I wanted to get rid of the one-on-one. I wanted to get rid of the done for you because I wanted to have the option to walk away. This is why it’s so essential to build a system.

Creating Persuade to Profit gave me the ability to scale. Sales started picking up, and I started getting more clients. Scaling my business allowed me to work on my business instead of working one-on-one with individual clients.

Making more money with my scalable business model created the need to build a team. I’d always worked with contractors. However, it was clear that I had a space to hire my first full-time employee and start taking operations more seriously.


Getting Into a CEO Mindset

I was getting into that CEO mindset, learning to leverage systems, my knowledge, and people.

When I created content for myself full-time instead of creating content for others, I ended up benefiting by making more money for myself than I did making content for other businesses. That was a switch – to build a business model that gave me more time.

To be a successful CEO, you’re going to have to make that mindset shift. You might already be making six figures, but you’re damn tired. However, without enough help, it’s a mess. Shift into CEO gear.


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