Redefining Women’s Wealth with Patrice Washington

by Amanda Abella  - November 2, 2021

Patrice Washington is a financial expert that is passionate about helping other women redefine wealth for themselves and show them that building wealth isn’t about stress and struggle and strife.

Starting out in real estate at 19, she was walloped during the 2008 recession.

“I literally went from a seven figure business to scraping for change.”

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Little did she know, this was only the beginning of her journey.

Creating a Better Relationship with Money

Patrice preaches that women need to create a better relationship with money, not only with their skill set but also with their mindset and money relationship.

“Redefining my relationship with money and wealth and recognizing that wealth was so much more than money and material possessions – that it also included the condition of wellbeing.”

She says that her new wealth mindset impacts her ability to attract wealth, not from stress, struggle, and strife, but from being. “Being has allowed me to attract so many phenomenal opportunities that have led to financial wealth.”

Patrice is interested in getting more people to be in a space where they can wake up every day, live what they feel is their God-given purpose, and make decisions from a place of Faith, not fear. She wants women to truly live the life that they want to live on their own terms.

Preserving Your Positive Money Mindset

“Once your mindset is gone, everything else spirals.” She recommends holding onto your positive money mindset, even in times of despair and challenge. Business and the economy are seasonal, and it doesn’t define your whole story.

“You need to look for the hope, lessons, blessings, and relationships that’ll get you back in alignment.”

So many things have opened up and shifted, but that experience is still relevant because it can still be applied when you move on. So if you’re tempted to jump into action, you first want to ensure that what you are doing is right for you; you need to focus on moving the needle forward.

“Now I’m in a season where all the offers are great because they hit my minimum financial requirement for the time, brands or networks they’re associated with.”

Improving Your Relationship with Wealth

“To really improve our relationship with wealth or income, we have to go back and talk to that little kid in us who was making decisions.”

Unfortunately, filling calendars and taking jobs isn’t always the best choice for entrepreneurs.

Owning Your Decisions

“My granny used to say, let your yes, be your yes, and your no be your no.” There’s something about owning your decisions that attracts wealth. So many of us straddle the fence with our choices when we are wishy-washy, and there’s no commitment.

Decisiveness is another principle or way of being, according to Patrice. “A healthy respect for money and being in a place of gratitude is definitely a wealthy habit. I don’t believe that money is attracted to whining and complaining.” On the contrary, wealth is attracted to gratitude, to being in the space of giving.

She reminds us to express joy and gratitude because “When you’re in a place of whining and complaining, you verbalize, magnify and magnetize.” When you’re not speaking life and coming from a place of gratitude and respecting what you already have, then you’re hurting yourself energetically. So send that energy out that you want to attract back to you.

Finding and Fixing Your Identity

When you’re dealing with something in your being and your identity keeping you from implementation, you have to be willing to address that to move forward.

Your business is only going to grow to the extent you’re ready to heal.

How Faith has Played a Role in Patrice’s Business

Faith is paramount for Patrice. “I always tell people that without my Faith, you wouldn’t even know who I am. My Faith is why I’m here because it gives me resilience and reminds me that nothing is forever.” With her Faith, Patrice sees things as forever. She sees life as cyclical like seasons, and her Faith is paramount.

Commitment backs up Faith because when you have that Faith, “I feel that it makes it easier for me to commit to things because I feel like my faith is already directing me.” So when she’s feeling led to go down a certain way, whether it looks logical or not, because all the paths I’ve taken to get here did not look logical, she relies on her faith to guide her.


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