The Real Reason You Need to Get Your Money Right

by Amanda Abella  - February 11, 2020

Today’s inspiration is from a personal acquaintance whom I speak with on a regular occasion. She was sharing her story about how she was in a financial pickle when I met her. I guided her through some steps, some of which were extremely difficult to get herself out of, and she didn’t want to go through the process, but I pushed her to move forward. After a few months of starting to move in the right direction, opportunities started opening up for her. She received a promotion at one of her jobs; her living situation changed. Some of her debt was wiped away.

One of my male friends needed to get his finances sorted out, and I gave him a push in the right direction. My drive was a bit too much for him, so I called to apologize the next day. To my surprise, he said, “You know what? I’m kind of glad that you did that, because you got me thinking, and I started an investment account last night. I’m starting to save some money automatically.”

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I have many similar stories of people in my personal life where they’re starting to get their finances together for the first time. I’m happy as a clam for them, even when they take baby steps. I was over the moon happy, and my friend asked, “Why does this stuff make you so freaking happy?” These success stories make me happy for two reasons: One because this is what I was put on this planet to do and, Two I’ve been in the financial space to some degree for almost a decade now, and when I look at my journey starting with trying to figure out my money for the first time ten years ago, I don’t even recognize who the hell I was back then.

Your Financial Transformation = Personal Transformation

I love the person that I have turned into because of my economic transformation. I love what I’ve discovered in life, that I’ve seen what I’m made of, and have more strength than before. I have more discernment, wisdom, and money. However, money aside, what I realize is that my financial journey has changed to whom I have become as a person.

I also see many of my clients who went from making an income to get by to closing multiple five-figure clients in three years. When you see the immensity of these transitions, and you see how this process changes people’s lives, you get excited about the result.

The#1 Reason for Money is to Have Personal Freedom

We live on an economic planet; we need money. Having money is about having options in life and having freedom. There are different vibrational levels as you start moving up the money ladder. Money also makes a difference between being able to contribute versus not contribute. The more money I make, the more jobs I can offer, and I can take care of my family better.

Self-Awareness + Discipline = Growth

To be good at money, you have to be self-aware – a journey of self-awareness. Once you start becoming more self-aware in life, more opportunities start working out for you. You can take on challenges better. You start seeing what you’re made of, and this is when you grow. The conversations you have are different, and the types of connections that you make are different. I’ve seen enough people go through their journey, I see how their journey changes them, and they start becoming better people. Now they start realizing their dreams.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

The bottom layer focuses on survival, which, in our world, equates to finances. Once you’ve taken care of your basic needs: food, water, clothing, and shelter, there, you can begin to self actualize. It would be best if you were not worried about money so you can self realize in your life, so when people are always worried about money, they don’t have choices.

They’re fucking anxious all the time. As Grant Cardone says, they’re selfish. They can only be concerned with the 24 inches around them. They don’t even have the mental space to think about other people. You cannot move up on that hierarchy of needs in life until you get your money figured out and until your necessities are met. You got to get to what I call financial solvency – building wealth and the mindset which accompanies this stage. Once you’ve built wealth, you can move onto contribution and legacy.


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