Promote Yourself and Your Business with Confidence

by Amanda Abella  - October 6, 2020

You listen to this podcast because you want to make money. With your goal of making money, one action item you need to really move on is to let others know you exist. Show people how you can solve their problems and let them know your shit is real! Give them examples of how well your clients are doing.

I let you guys know our clients are doing well because when people look at Make Money Your Honey site, you will look at my review page for Persuade to Profit. People look at reviews to decide if they are going to buy a product or service. When you see that our service is outstanding, you will want to sign up for our program.

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Solving a problem that I know you have is what brings me business. The same factors bring business to your company as well! Furthermore, this isn’t about gloating. Posting reviews show how your product is superior to other services or products, so they choose to do business with YOU instead of your competition.

Why You May Be Scared of Promoting Yourself

You may be scared of promoting yourselves. We’re afraid to promote ourselves because a lot of people were taught that it is socially unacceptable to make too much noise and make other people feel uncomfortable. Bragging about yourself has negative social connotations, so we are taught to stay away from doing or acting in any way that promotes ourselves. Remember, you gotta be humble. The fact is, if you stop marketing and selling, the money stops flowing, and the economy shuts down.

Another example is when your business starts doing well. You start expanding, and others aren’t comfortable with your expansion. Usually, jealousy is a big factor. I wish humans didn’t do weird behavior such as this, but they do. One of the sales modules I teach in Persuade to Profit are examples of bizarre human behavior.

Why You Need to Put Yourself Out There

Put yourself out there and just go for it. Stop living up to other people’s expectations and creating actions that only create happiness in others. When you play to other people, you’re just putting your own dreams on the back burner.

Fiction: People Who Promote themselves are Self-Centered

We assume that people who promote themselves are very self -centered. Actually, the exact opposite is true. Those who promote themselves with good intentions put offerings out there and let people know that they have solutions to the world’s problems. Selfish human beings are the ones who are withholding their gifts and refusing to help others solve their problems. They are not creating positive energy to move our world forward. These people are more concerned about their own little fragile bubble and what other people might say about them than they are about going out there and helping people.

Resonate with Others to Get Results

Resonate with people to get the results you want to see in your business growth. Have you put content out there, and it hasn’t worked? There are a specific method and action steps you put out there to make people move to buy your product. This action step is a skill you can learn, and we teach you that skill set in our course, Persuade to Profits.

Separate Yourself from the Fear of Judgement

Am I going to let the fear of judgment stop me? No, of course not. I’m not here to live for other people; I’m here to live for me. I’m not going to let negative stories manifest in my head and stop me from going after what I want – to expand, grow, and help people.

Giving yourself permission to expand and promote yourself inspires other amazing people to solve problems. Set the example today for someone else and permit them to act. What can you do to take one step in this direction today, right now? Decide what that action is and make it a priority to move forward.

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