{MMYH Ep. 69} How To Have Faith In Your Vision

by Amanda Abella  - February 19, 2019

Many of my clients, people in my personal life, and my audience have asked me how it’s possible to have faith in your vision and in yourself. So today, I’m going to get woo-woo and talk about how you can have faith in your vision so you can be successful.

You Need To Have Faith In Your Vision & Yourself

First things first, to succeed in anything, you have to have faith in both yourself and your vision. They go hand in hand and you can’t have one and not the other and still be successful. You won’t have much progress if you don’t have faith in both.

It’s Not Easy

It’s not easy to have faith in your vision and yourself. However, the most successful people I know have the unshakeable knowledge and faith that they will be successful, no matter what life throws at them. I’ve seen people get knocked down constantly, but they still keep getting up and moving forward. To obtain that same unshakeable faith, I have a few steps and tips to help.


So number one is meditating. I’m a huge believer (and practicer) of meditation. I’ve been meditating regularly since 2012, and daily for the last two years. I make sure to take the time to quiet the voices in my head and just pause. We all run around so much that we don’t get ourselves time to pause and listen to ourselves. So get that time in and let it build your faith. When I started meditating daily, my life changed rapidly.

Look At What’s Possible

The next step is to start looking at people who have the success and opportunities that you want to achieve. Also, don’t make the mistake in thinking that because they have it, you can’t. There is abundance in the world. You can see the same results as the person you admire. There is so much money out there, and you just need to know it’s possible to earn that and then do the work. You have to have an abundance mindset.

Realize and Understand Your Desire

You need to realize one thing. Whatever you desire is already yours. It already exists in your mind and in the universe. You just have to build a bridge to get there. It can be as easy or as difficult as you make it, so take responsibility for your actions. But also know that if you show up and put in the work, you can cross over that bridge to get your desires.

For example, I knew I was going to live on the water. It took me a few years to get to that point and actually get my apartment on the water, but when it happened, it just fell in my lap. I didn’t even go look for it!

Find Evidence of Your Progress

A lot of us are naturally programmed to look at the negative in life vs. the positive. Even when things are going great, we have this fear that things are going to go wrong. To get over that mindset, you should document the progress that you’re making. For example, if you start negotiating, write it down that you negotiated even though you’ve never done that before. Or, write down when you don’t self-sabotage. Finding evidence of your progress will help you build faith in your vision and yourself.


When you start doing the work to really focus on your faith and the faith you have in your vision and yourself, you’ll notice major changed in your life. You’ll realize that the universe has your back, and that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Is it hard? Yes! But those that take those hard steps and work on their mindset can create a massive (and positive) shift in their lives!

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