{MMYH Ep. 51} How To Increase Your Media Influence Online With Josh of Up My Influence

by Amanda Abella  - August 14, 2018

Increase Your Media Influence Online

Who are you?

Josh Elledge is the Founder of Up My Influence and the Founder and Chief Executive Angel of Savings Angel. Josh is also a dynamic public speaker, the host of a popular consumer savings podcast, and a weekly syndicated columnist. He’s also a U.S. Navy veteran, a dad of three, and a self-proclaimed fitness geek. He believes that every person has a message that can positively impact the world.

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How does someone build authority online?

Josh believes that authority comes from two places, social proof, and your associations. Due to people being protective of their time and energy, so they want to learn from the best. When you have social proof, you’re showing that you’re an expert in your field. Along with social proof, who you associate yourself with is important in building and helping you increase your media influence online.

Working with brands, especially bigger brands, builds trust with your audience and future brands that may want to work with you. So if you want to build your authority online, it’s important to share both your social proof and the major media that you’ve worked with. Putting it at the front of your business can build your authority and increase your media influence online.

How can someone make money with their social media?

Josh says that it’s important to honor your relationship with your audience, whether it’s via social media, your email list, or people who follow your blog or podcast. Creating a sales funnel, including your products and services, and building the like, know, and trust factor is important. Josh also says that you should produce content on a regular basis to build familiarity, and then lead your audience into more options like your paid services or products.

Josh knows that it’s important for entrepreneurs to map out their sales funnels, and offer freebie content in order to give, give, give, so you can later sell to those in your audience that know you and trust your authority. He believes in over delivering your product or service compared to your client’s or customer’s investment. For example, if they spend $1,000 with you, you should be delivering $2,000 worth of your product or service.

How can you build trust with your audience?

Josh thinks that the best way to build trust with your audience is to simply spend more time with them. Produce more content, including audio and video, like live streaming, so your audience can connect with you on various platforms. The more they see you and connect with you, the more they’ll trust you.

How can you increase your media influence online when you’re just starting out?

Twitter is one of Josh’s favorite tools, and he highly recommends it as a free tool to increase your media influence online and engage with big names in your industry. Along with having a full bio and profile, Josh says it’s important to invest in your social media and optimize them. Josh recommends to not only have a full bio but to add calls to action in your profile as well. To top it off, don’t be afraid to optimize your photos and profile pictures.

Once your profiles look good and are ready to go, look for people of authority in the niche you want to grow in. If you want to gain influence on TV, look at your local and even national stations, find their people on Twitter, create a Twitter list, and check in with those specific feeds. Once you’ve curated your lists, you can engage with those people and work on building a relationship. Share their content, like and comment on their tweets, and make them look good. Remember that they’re real people too. After engaging with them for a while, you can then pitch yourself. However, Josh says to not make it about you, but to make it about how you can make their lives easier.

What is the one money tip you have for the listeners?

Josh recommends putting yourself in immersive experiences. Make scary and risky investments with those that you like and trust. Don’t be afraid to improve yourself and your business. Then, take those investments and experiment with them and tailor them to fit you so you can grow and earn more.

How do you make money your honey?

Josh makes money his honey by being self-aware and investing in his own growth and personal development.

Where can listeners go to find out more about you?

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