{MMYH Ep. 50} How to Have A $10K Launch

by Amanda Abella  - August 7, 2018

After being heavily requested for over a year, I decided to talk all about how to have a $10K launch of a product. I launched my six-week group coaching program, Persuade to Profit, in the summer of 2017. The very first time I launched it, I made $10,000 in sales. Now, the great part about that is that I didn’t do a massive and exhausting launch. In fact, it was unnecessary to do that for this particular program. I didn’t have a massive list. I don’t have huge amounts of traffic on my blog. So how did I do it? 

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Create A Killer Product

To have a $10k launch, the first thing you need to do is create a killer product. You need to create something that will practically sell itself. And how do you do that? Get crystal clear on what your market wants, and create something that meets those needs. It all starts with market research. You also want to make sure that your product is scalable. You don’t want to have to keep trading time for dollars, but you want your product to continue to make you more and more money. For me, that meant a group coaching program.

Tailor Your Product

The second step to creating a killer product for a $10k launch is to specifically tailor your product to what you’re seeing with your audience. With my product, I knew what my audience was going through because I’d had so many conversations with them. I knew my market so well that I would know exactly what someone would ask me or tell me while on a discovery call with me. I knew how to fix their problem. That’s all sales is. Creating an offer that gives a solution to someone’s problem, and allows them to pay you for it. It’s all about providing value.

Price It Right

Once you have your product and it’s tailored to your audience, it’s time to price it. While it should be scalable, the numbers also need to make sense. If they don’t make sense, your product just won’t work. In my case, my Persuade to Profit program is $2,000. So that means I only have to sell five to reach $10k. If I would have priced my program at $499, I would have had to sell many more spots, and I’d be undercharging for my services. When it comes to your pricing, make sure you’re asking yourself these questions:

“Does the price that I’m offering for this specific product make sense?”

“Is the pricing aligned with my product?”

“Does the pricing make me feel abundant?”

“Is the pricing fair to everyone involved?”

Email Everyday

This is exactly what I did with my list. I started emailing them every single day. Now, my email list wasn’t huge, but I wanted to test different things and I made sure to include a call to action at the end of each email. I also included time-sensitive actions, like saying “This is your last opportunity to get this deal!”. Keeping up with my email list, having great email copy, and creating making my product elusive helped me achieve my $10k launch as well. 

And that’s it! That’s how I did $10,000 in sales when I first launched Persuade to Profit. As you will notice, I didn’t have any affiliates, no crazy launch strategies, no freebie video things, none of that. It was very basic. I just had a very good product based on what my market wanted, the numbers made sense and added up because it was a scalable product, and I started marketing to my email list.

If you’re in a position where you’re exhausted with launches or don’t know where to start with launching your product, just know it can be done! I did it, and so can you, and you don’t need all of the extra “stuff” to do it.

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