{MMYH Ep. 41} My Thoughts On Unleash The Power Within with Tony Robbins

by Amanda Abella  - November 28, 2017

unleash the power within

I recently attended Tony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within” in West Palm Beach. After receiving so many questions from my community, I thought I would talk about what it was like in detail. If you don’t know by now, I did the firewalk (yep, I walked across hot coals), and I had a terrific time.

So who is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins is a writer and self-help guru who has been famous since the ‘80s. He’s written many books, including “MONEY Master The Game”, “Awaken the Giant Within” and more. Not only does he have an incredible story, but he’s also going to gross six billion dollars this year with his companies. Unleash the Power Within is his event, and what I’m going to review for you.


Why I Attended Unleash the Power Within

I didn’t plan on attending Unleash the Power Within. A bunch of my friends went to the event in New York, and as I watched their Insta Stories, I thought about how insane the event looked/was. I forgot about it, but then someone from the Tony Robbins team showed up at my co-working space, and at the end of their workshop, they offered the co-workers a discount to attend Unleash the Power Within in West Palm Beach.

While I thought the price was still a little steep, and I wasn’t planning on attending, I purchased a ticket to the event and decided to make it an investment. Even when I thought about cancelling, things would work out in my favor. I had prominent financial bloggers telling me to attend and encouraging me, I was able to book a room right next to the event even though I thought it would be impossible, just everything working out. So I guess that means the universe was aligned for me to go this year.

(Note: If you are interested in attending in the future, email me or tweet me and I can put you in contact with someone who can help!)


My First Day

After grabbing dinner with a friend and getting a good night’s rest, I started my first day with breakfast in my hotel room. Just to make you aware, Tony Robbin events are long. As in, you’ll be attending for 12-15 hour days until the event is over. That shouldn’t scare you, because there is a method to the madness, but it is a crazy long conference.

As soon as I walked through the doors to the conference, I noticed the 20-foot long row of burning coals. The workers had us get close to the coals and feel them. It was extremely hot (we were told around 2000 degrees). And then, they told us we would probably be walking on the coals by the end of the night.

The energy was crazy high by the time Tony Robbins came out. The first day, he started uncovering how we self-sabotage and what our fears are. We discovered which needs are most important to us. And the entire time I was participating, I was doing these exercises with perfect strangers. Also, the room is kept freezing, as it helps you reach your peak state.

After priming us for 12-hours, it got to the point where it was time to walk on the hot coals. I kept saying that I wouldn’t do it, and cursing because the whole thing sounded crazy. I guess I lost my mind, because one minute I was on one side saying I wouldn’t walk the coals, and before I knew it I was on the other side screaming and cheering that I’d done it.


Day Two

After walking into the convention center, Tony Robbins greeted us by saying “Hello firewalkers”. On day two, it’s all about talking money and business. This day was hosted by Tony Robbins’s business partner, Joseph McClendon (Tony Robbins has to take 24 hours between speaking to keep from messing his vocal cords up).

On day two, you have to make two very specific decisions that you have to adhere to and tell people. I told my two new friends what my decisions were, and I heard theirs. We were then responsible for holding each other accountable.


Day Three

This was the most intense day of my life. We started at 7:30 in the morning, and this is when things started getting super real. This was the day that I was three feet away from Tony Robbins at one point. We danced for about an hour, and then Tony started his lecture. It was a day full of vulnerability and jumping around. At one point, I actually thought I might pass out.

We then completed an exercise that terrified, liberated, and excited me. It starts off where you go through all of your fears, your pain, just everything that hurts you or scares you. It’s super intense, and everybody cries or screams out of anger, pain, etc. By the end of the exercise though, you are pushing past those fears and the pain, and you start getting to the point where you are crying tears of joy. I lost track of time, but it’s a life changing experience to go through. Day three lasted until around 2:00 am the next morning.


Day Four

Due to being up until 2:00 am in the morning, day four started a little later. This day a bunch of other speakers came and spoke about health, from physical, to mental, to emotional. One of the friend’s I made at the convention received a dance ticket to dance on stage, and because he didn’t want to do it he gave it to me.

I jumped on the stage, and was promptly told that I would have to go to the center of the stage by myself and lead the whole crowd in a dance (each person invited to the stage had to go up one by one). Although I was scared, I went up there and did it. It was wild, and so much fun. I got a lot of congratulations and high fives as I walked off the stage, and then everyone danced some more.

By the end of it, Tony Robbins’s personal pranic healer walked everyone through some energy work. Everyone got to experience and practice the pranic exercises on each other. Then, we got to stare at the person next to us while saying “I love you. You’re amazing”. It may sound a little weird at first, but it’s intense and beautiful. And in that moment, I knew I had made friends for life.

I ended my last night with the event closing party, and dinner with my new friends.

So that is my experience attending Unleash the Power Within. I walked on coals, unscathed. I went through 4 days of intensity. I made a lot of new friends. Everything was amazing, and I plan on doing it again. Keep an eye out, I’m gonna be playing life a little bit bigger after this event


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