[MMYH Episode 13] Interview with Jason Vitug, Author of You Only Live Once

by Amanda Abella  - July 5, 2016

jason vitug

Today I have the honor and privilege of interviewing one of my fellow financial bloggers and newly published author, Jason Vitug.

Jason Vitug is social impact entrepreneur as founder Phroogal, creator of award-winning
project, The Road to Financial Wellness, and author of You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to
Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life. He is best known as a financial motivator and lifestyle engineer helping thousands of people around the country live their dream lifestyle through financial knowledge.

Jason is a friend who I met and hung out with a bit last year at FinCon. I was immediately blown away by how chill he is and how open he is to talking about really taboo topics like money. Because we know each other, this interview plays out like a couple of friends chatting over coffee (which I did actually have in my hands as we recorded). Fortunately for you, those are usually the best kinds of interviews.

This interview is so good that I have to break down all the topics we cover into bullet points. In this interview you will learn:

  • Jason’s story of quitting his high-paying job in the Bay Area to travel the world.
  • How Jason got his book deal with a major publishing company.
  • How defining your values is the key to successful money management.
  • How psychology and emotions play a major role in the decisions you make with your money.
  • How pervasive our culture is in getting you to spend money on stuff, and how to not fall for it.
  • Where you can meet Jason in person during his annual tour, The Road to Financial Wellness.

Download Transcript Plus Bonus Exercise

Click below to get the transcript for this interview plus a bonus exercise from my book, “Why Do You Want The Money?” It will help you look at your spending, figure out what matters to you and determine why you want the money you’re asking for in your business.

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