{MMYH Ep. 103} How To Automate Your Business To Make More Money

by Amanda Abella  - October 15, 2019

So let’s continue the theme of productivity and productivity hacks. Or a.k.a how I get so much shit done in such a short amount of time. And this time, we’re going to talk about using online tools to help you run your business. In other words, how to automate your business.

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Sometimes there are social media schedulers, funnels, webinar funnels, etc that you can use to automate your business and save you time. For example, I have stuff going out on social media all day and people go to my website and book calls and meetings with me all day. That happens without me really doing anything.

Some days, all I do is meet with my team and work on plans. But while I do that, I have systems set in place to get calls booked, sales completed, and more. And this is actually something I teach in my Persuade to Profit program. I help my students build their first funnel. And we do use a lot of online tools to do that.

An Example In Automating Your Business

So, what does using online tools to automate your business look like? For an example, all of my podcasts and videos and things like that are consistently being promoted on social media thanks to a socia media scheduler. I’ll leave the link below so you know which one I use. 

And then that goes out and then people join our email list and then they get a series of automated emails getting them onto a webinar. The webinar is also automated. And then from there they either purchase a product or book a call with me. And all of this is going on without me physically doing anything.

We’re living in this amazing age of technology where we do have tools online, we do have software. We have these things at our disposal so that we can keep promoting ourselves and we can keep up marketing without us having to actually be doing it manually or physically having to be doing it all the time. It really allows us to market in ways that we haven’t been able to do that before. But the key is to understand the customer process.

So right now, how would you get your social media follower or someone who’s just checking out your website to become a buyer? That’s the part that you need to figure out first. And then within that process, that’s when you would figure out what online tools you need to make that happen. Maybe you need email autoresponders or an automated webinar. I don’t want to overwhelm you with all the details of how that works today. But I do want to tell you that that is a huge part of my business. 

I’m sleeping at the middle of the night, but my Twitter is still going. My emails are still going even if I’m sleeping. And that’s the point. I also understand the process of how to take someone from social media follower or someone just hanging out on my website into a buyer.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Automate Your Business 

Now obviously, you’ll need people for certain things. You can’t just outsource everything to online tools.  But there’s a lot you can do and there’s a lot that’s available to you to really help you market yourself and make sure that your business is still working even when you’re not working. And I want to address something very quickly. A lot of people are very scared of this. They’re like, “I’m not tech savvy.” Neither am I. I’m always breaking stuff. But that doesn’t stop me from trying to figure stuff out, or hiring someone to fix stuff. 

Which I had to do a couple months ago when I really broke something in my CRM and email marketing system. So don’t let your fear of technology get in the way of you leveraging it in order to help you grow your business and also be more productive.

In my business, we automate to take the pressure off of the humans on the team so that we can go focus on other things that will expand and grow the business. 

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