How Women Can Overcome Wounded Feminine Energy with Katie Onyekere

by Amanda Abella  - February 27, 2024

Welcome to another enlightening episode of the Make Money Your Honey podcast. In today’s discussion, I’m joined by the incredible Katie Onyekere, the Aura Alchemist, and a guiding force in helping women overcome their wounded feminine energy so they can live audaciously and get what they want. As we delve into the intricacies of trusting oneself in business and relationships, Katie sheds light on the misconceptions surrounding femininity, the dynamics between men and women, and the significance of trust in the journey of alignment.

Trusting Your Intuition and Building Sustainable Businesses:

In the world of entrepreneurship, reaching six and seven figures is an accomplishment, but the real flex lies in the absence of chaos. Katie emphasizes that making money loses its charm when it’s entangled with disorder. The focus should shift from just earning to enjoying a sustainable and fulfilling business. Trusting yourself is key in this journey, allowing you to follow your intuition, build with confidence, and create from a lens of radical responsibility.

Wounded Feminine Energy Does Not Trust

Trust, according to Katie, is at the core of everything. Operating from the standpoint that individuals are the creators of their reality, she helps women embrace their supernatural essence. Trusting oneself is vital for following intuition, purpose, and creating a life of radical responsibility. The alignment, she emphasizes, is personal and unique, requiring unwavering trust.

Dismantling Wounded Feminine Energy: The Yin and Yang of Masculine and Feminine Energies:

The conversation shifts to the dynamics between men and women. Katie addresses the imbalance where women often embrace yin (passive) energy but lack yang (active). The wounded feminine energy arises from a lack of self-trust, seeking external validation, and superficial understanding of masculine and feminine dynamics. It’s about acknowledging and integrating both energies for a harmonious existence.

The Feminine’s Role in Relationships and Business:

Women sometimes sabotage themselves in relationships and business due to societal conditioning and fear. Katie challenges the notion that femininity is an excuse for avoiding necessary actions. She encourages women to embrace both yin and yang, understanding that they can’t do everything alone. The essence lies in recognizing interdependence and appreciating the contributions of others in one’s life.

Retiring Your Husband: A Deeper Perspective:

The conversation touches on the idea of “retiring your husband” in the business context. Katie and the host challenge the narrative, highlighting that men find fulfillment in sacrifice and providing. The notion that men should be retired undermines their purpose and attractiveness. Sacrifice is an integral part of masculinity, and robbing men of the opportunity to provide hinders their growth and confidence.

Plus we cover, a whole lot more in this jam packed episode.

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