Making Money Easy: Answering Why We Overcomplicate Business

by Amanda Abella  - April 2, 2024

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In this livestream recording, I’m sharing a question that is coming up for a lot of our clients in Effortless Sales Engine program about making money easy. Long story short, they are getting results quickly and they are wondering why we as humans tend to make business complicated. One of our clients got five sales calls booked on autopilot from just a few tweaks we showed her in Effortless Sales Engine and realizing how simple business can be. So, in this video, I’m answering the question everyone is asking.

The class starts at 1:39

Resources Mentioned In This Video:

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Topics We Cover in This Video For Making Money Easy

  • The common stories we have about money that cause us to overcomplicate our businesses
  • The entrepreneur’s addiction to achievement and chaos
  • How self worth and self esteem plays a role in how complicated we make money
  • The only things you need to make money easy
  • The role guilt and shame play in our ability to make money
  • How to start shifting our energy and our mindset so we don’t self sabotage

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