Lead generation strategies that got us in front of 1M people

by Amanda Abella  - March 27, 2024

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In this video, we’re breaking down the top three lead generation strategies that got us in front of 1M people. We’ll also be sharing an honorable mention lead source that accounted for some traffic and definitely sales.

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Why Lead Generation Strategies Matter

One of the biggest concerns we hear from business owners day in and day out is that they don’t generate enough leads – either because they don’t know how or because paid advertising is costing them too much money.

The good news is there are infinite ways to generate leads online, and today we’re sharing our top traffic sources that have led to leads and sales.

What We Did to Get This Data

We don’t teach or show anything until we have tested something multiple times and have data to back up what we’re saying. Last month, we took apart this entire website and the backend of my business. In doing so, we uncovered A LOT. Now, we get to share what we found with you.

Our Top Lead Generation Strategies

According to the data we found, there are THREE top lead generation strategies that have gotten us the most traffic, leads and sales over time. They are in the following order:


  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO came in at number one for lead generation strategies. People are finding us through this website and YouTube. It’s also where we can say we book the most calls automatically on a systematic basis. The good news is we found out we were ranking number one for several keywords. The bad news is we didn’t know beforehand otherwise we would have capitalized on it more. Since this is our main lead source, we’re spending most of our time focused here for now.
  • Earned Media: Earned media like getting featured in Forbes or being interviewed on podcasts came in at number two for lead generation strategies. We’re on a hiatus from this temporarily while we finish optimizing the entire website and funnels, but its good to know that once that’s done we can send a few pitches and get traffic, leads and sales pretty easily.
  • Referral Partners: Referral partners have been a big traffic and lead source over the last 18 months or so. We built a network of over 100 partners and we collaborate with them in different ways. It’s worth noting not all of our referral partners performed well, but now we have the data to know who we want to continue collaborating with and how.
  • Honorable Mention: Social media. Social media is an honorable mention because the traffic was pretty evenly distributed among multiple sources like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. There wasn’t one standout in terms of traffic, however from anecdotal evidence if we had to guess – Facebook and LinkedIn are probably our top lead generation strategies that have actually led to sales.


There you have it out. Our top lead generation sources based on several years of data. Our main goal now is to continue building this so we can optimize our marketing and sales machine in 2024. At this stage in our business, it’s not about hustling harder but rather working SMARTER to get results. That requires doubling down on lead generation strategies we already know are working.

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