How to Use Feminine Energy in Business

by Amanda Abella  - March 4, 2024

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As a female entrepreneur, you’ve likely encountered discussions about energetic selling, feminine energy, and the delicate balance between feminine and masculine energies in business. There’s also a good chance that at some point, the entire concept of feminine energy has left you confused and in many cases broke. In this guide, I’ll be breaking down exactly what feminine energy is and how to use it in business in balance with masculine energy.

Embracing the Soft Life Business Concept

At Make Money Your Honey, we delve into marketing, sales, systems, and mindset to help you simplify your business for a more fulfilling life. Explore the concept of a “soft life business.” Many would argue that none of these topics are very feminine, and they would actually be completely wrong. So let’s get into why this “soft life” conversation is even happening and why women are  confused about it.

The Rise of Feminine Energy in Business

The current surge in discussions around soft life business and feminine energetics stems from women feeling fatigued and overwhelmed. Many are reevaluating traditional, “masculine” approaches to business, searching for alternatives that align with their feminine essence.

Women, in response to feeling burned out by hustle culture, often swing to extremes in their pursuit of a more feminine approach. This can lead to confusion and unrealistic expectations. Because the truth is, you do actually need the masculine to make money – especially to make money in a sustainable repeatable way where the feminine can then flourish.

Finding a healthy balance between masculine and feminine energy is crucial for a thriving business.

Masculine and Feminine Energy in Business

Understanding the roles of masculine and feminine energies is key. Masculine principles involve structure, planning, and data-driven decisions. Feminine principles encompass inspiration, intuition, creativity, and connection. Both are essential for a well-functioning business.

Take me and Justin for example. I (obviously) tend to be more feminine as the woman. He tends to be more masculine as the man. In romantic relationship, it looks like him taking the lead, keeping us safe, etc.

We also happen to work together on a lot of projects for work and it looks kind of like this:

  • I’m the visionary with the crazy ideas, have a giant virtual rolodex of relationships and am very good at the creative part of a business. I feel my way to into ideas. Structure and data on the other hand – not my strong suit.
  • He is far more structured in business, very data driven, operates like an engineer and likes to build machines. He’s quite good at marketing but he sees it from a more analytical lens.

One is not better than the other. We both need each other in order to make this work.

Also, it doesn’t mean that I can’t learn to be data-driven and he can’t learn to be more creative with marketing. In fact, we both have learned a ton from each other. It simply means we each have specific strengths and they happen to align with me having strengths in what is considered the feminine realm and him having strengths in what is considered the masculine realm which is why I used us as examples.

Considerations for Women in Business

Women, by nature, operate on cyclical rhythms, both physically and energetically. Acknowledging and planning around these cycles can lead to more effective business strategies. The problem many of us run into is that traditional business is seen as a grind where typically – you do the same stuff every day. That’s extremely masculine and not how most feminine women tend to operate.

For example, one week of the month I can get an entire month’s worth of videos done no problem. The next week I may be more inclined to do analytical work. The next week I may need more rest.

This isn’t some new age woo woo thing either. Now that we know more about female biohacking, we know that our hormones, our bodies and our brain chemistry change from week to week due to our hormonal cycle. So that means, consider designing a business that honors that. For more on this, check out the Make Money Your Honey podcast episode where I interviewed Kate Northrup.

Additionally, the concept of attraction, traditionally more feminine, plays a crucial role in business success. Men do the chasing, women do the attracting.

Now, please don’t misconstrue this. Many women take this to an extreme and think that if they just lean back or simply post once a day on social media that money is just going to come to them. That’s not how business works. Plus, I can tell you with data that you need to do a hell of a lot more than that with your marketing to make money.

What it does mean is to take notes when you are going overboard. If we go too much into chasing – which let’s be real is what traditional sales looks like – we will burn out. But that does NOT mean we do not pitch the media, that we do not reach out to make offers and that we do not reach out to meet people.

 The Art of Balancing Feminine Energy with Masculine Energy

Balancing the masculine and feminine energies in business is an ongoing process. Recognizing when to implement structure and when to leverage intuition is key. It’s not about rejecting one for the other but integrating both for sustainable success.

Understanding and navigating feminine energy in business is a personal journey. It involves finding what works for you, listening to your body, and recognizing the need for both structure and creativity. Embrace a harmonious approach that aligns with your essence, making your business a source of fulfillment and success.

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