How to Create an Outbound Marketing Sales Funnel for Better Sales Conversion

by Amanda Abella  - March 22, 2022

Let’s talk about dirty little secrets in the online business spaces right now. You don’t know how to do outbound sales, and your coach doesn’t teach you outbound sales. Why? Most likely because they don’t know how to approach outbound sales.

What are outbound sales? Why are outbound sales significant? Outbound sales are the process you use to reach out to people to sell your product or service.

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Your Business Has Leads but Not Enough Conversions

You may be an established business owner with a database of leads but are upset you aren’t making the amount of money you feel you should be bringing in for your business. On the other hand, maybe you are starting your business, and you need to drum up some money quickly.

Stay tuned because I’ll explain exactly how you can use outbound sales in your business and how to stop leaving money on the table!

What are Inbound Sales?

Inbound sales are the process where leads are coming to you directly. These leads can come from an application, webinar, or product launch. You can also access inbound sales via your email list or your referrals.

Having inbound leads is excellent, but the issue with converting your leads to sales is staying ahead of the ever-changing business landscape.

Today, you have more skeptical consumers, people have been burned in previous purchases, and ad costs are more expensive. As a result, email marketing is not as effective as it used to be, which frustrates business owners because their conversions aren’t as good or don’t reach their goals.

Is this a marketing problem? You most likely have a sales problem if you’re not getting conversions. Read on to find out the reasons why outbound sales can make your profit margin higher.

Tip #1 to Convert Leads to Buyers: Be the First to Make Contact

Number one, the first person or the first business to make a point of contact with a lead will get 50% of the market share because you are more proactive. For this reason alone, you’ll want to place outbound sales as an integral part of your overall sales strategy.

The second action item is to cut through the social media noise. I’m sorry to tell you that posting more on Instagram will not get you more sales unless you’re a mega influencer.

Step #3 to increase your conversion rate through outbound marketing is for a database. If you have a well-established business and you’re frustrated with your income, your next step is to train team members to approach and create outbound sales.

Next, capitalize on your leads with your outbound sales team. You can potentially double your sales.

How to Create Outbound Sales

Now let’s dive right into how to create those outbound sales to increase the moula flowing into your bank account!

Number one is to get on the phone and make calls! Yes, you need to pick up the telephone. Did you know calling your lead on the phone with sales outreach is six times more effective than email marketing? When you pick up the phone and call them, they appreciate your time.

Utilize your email marketing system to have a tag that alerts you whenever someone clicks on a sales page. You can then call the person who is interested in your offer. They’ll be surprised!

Give them a call and check-in to see how your product performed or get their opinion on their purchased service. What did they like about it? What prompted them to buy?

Next, start moving people through a sales process. We talk more about what to say and do in our Persuade to Profit Program. To find out more, click on the link below!

Refine Your Social Media Messaging

Now you want to refine your social media messaging. Now I know one of you just rolled your eyes and threw up in your mouth a little bit because you’re like, well, I don’t want to be that person. I don’t want to be that person who drops a link, and they don’t even know me.

That is not how you do social media messaging correctly. Let me give you an example of good social media outreach that we just taught.

Natasha, one of our clients, is an intimacy coach who has a Facebook with 2000 followers. All her followers are potential leads. Many business owners are at this tipping point – you have leads, but you don’t know what to do with them. So I had Natasha reach out to her Facebook group with a simple message and question.

“I wanted to thank you so much for being in my Facebook group. I’m doing some research for new content and I wanted to know what’s your biggest area of struggle?”

This type of social media marketing is effective because it’s not intrusive. This is one way to start a conversation with someone who could be a potential client for you.

Create Video Emails for Outbound Sales

Video email can be an excellent way to connect with your tribe. In addition to video, you can also use bonus video texts, which are super effective. People love getting video messages. We use a service called BombBomb that we like. There are other services, so choose one that fits your marketing budget and needs.

Video marketing is effective because it sets you above your competition as it feels more personalized. In addition, when a lead receives a video, you receive more responses. So again, utilize your alert system to give them a call after they’ve watched your video!

Lastly, make sure you have a team in place that can field the increased number of responses that are now turning into contracts on the table!

These are why it’s essential to perform outreach in various ways. So choose the method that appeals to you most, and start there!

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