How to Build a Personal Brand By Getting Free Media

by Amanda Abella  - May 4, 2021

Welcome to Part I of how to receive free PR for your business!

We’re going to be talking about why it’s crucial that you learn how to get free PR for your business and dive into the mindset blocks that keep women business owners from becoming visible.

In addition, you’ll find out why you don’t need to hire a PR firm.

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Why Should My Business Create a PR Campaign?

A big issue that many of you have is that no one knows who the hell you are. And if no one knows who the hell you are, you can’t close, or you can complete, but it’s going to be way more complicated.

Think of your PR campaign as a way of building rapport. When you start getting media attention, your expert status skyrockets – it just goes through the damn roof. When people find out that I had a column at Inc, they want to pay me. When they find out that I’ve been in Forbes and find out that I’ve been an entrepreneur, they want to pay me.


Setting Up a PR Strategy to get Free Media

This is the perfect time to start constructing a PR game plan. You’ll need to use the following strategies that you can start implementing immediately.

First, you’ll need to pitch media companies your idea. I’m going to be paying for business expenses to get into a couple of circles of people who started their online businesses through sales and network from there using LinkedIn. Also, I’ll use testimonials.

Second, find and get interviewed on a podcast that is in the same vertical as your business. In a time of crisis, producers are looking for experts. With podcast interviews, you not only get onto their show but you are also listed on their website. You don’t have to be on a big-name podcast – you can search out a podcast in your industry.


Questions to Ask Yourself When Setting up a PR Strategy

There are a few reflective questions you should ask yourself when you are constructing a PR plan. To avoid shooting in the dark without direction, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What media outlets would you love to be featured?
  • Where would you love to see your name?
  • Where would you love to see a quote by you?
  • What channels would you like to get media attention from?


Why You Don’t Need a PR Firm

I’ve worked with PR companies, and we have clients who run PR companies. They’re not bullshit. They’re great. However, one of the objections that they have to deal with is that PR companies have burned many prospects in the past. So the problem with PR and hiring PR companies is that it was like a low barrier of entry, and it was a sexy industry to be a part of several years ago.

Everybody thought they were Samantha from sex in the city. ‘Oh, look at me! I run a PR company.’ Bunches of PR agencies started popping up out of nowhere with little or no experience promoting business and charging premium prices.

Editors and media giants are all over Twitter. You can quickly seek them out, follow them and send them a message. People who own and manage media are so easily accessible via Twitter and LinkedIn.


Putting a Sales System in Place

When you have a suitable sales system in place, you can get a significant hit.

When you do, you have the right systems in place, and you’re moving people through a customer process; you don’t have to pay for that exposure.


Emotional Blocks that can Stop PR 

You’ve got to be clear on who your audience is, the problem you solve, where your audience is hanging out, and the newsworthy story of your market. I’ve created sales by getting clear on what the story is, how to pitch it, and how to talk about the market. Here’s the story. Here’s the pitch. Let’s go.


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