High Ticket Sales: How to Attract High Ticket Coaching Clients

by Amanda Abella  - February 23, 2021


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One of the questions I get asked the most is ‘Amanda, where are all the high ticket clients? Where are all the people that pay thousands of dollars for programs? Everybody I talk to is broke.’

Where are they? They are everywhere.

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The challenge is that you may not be attracting them because you may have some things missing from your business.

Projecting the Right Type of Energy to Attract High-Dollar Clients

You may have fancy photos, clothes, and shoes, but that’s the icing on the cake. It’s really about the energy you have inside that you are worthy, but I will get to that first. Let’s talk about the pros of high ticket sales. If you’re reading this, you may have been fed a lie that it’s easier to sell low ticket items.

It is way easier to sell something for $20,000 than to sell an item for $20. I’ve been in business long enough where I know this is true. Just ask anybody who’s been in business, and they will tell you that the people who pay the least amount of money are the hardest ones to sell and the hardest ones to put up with. Packages that are worth the most amount of money are the ones that were selling like hotcakes in 2020. We tried bringing out a low ticket offer in 2020, but it didn’t work. Meanwhile, the more money we charged for Persuade to Profit, the easier it was to sell.


Providing Transformation Comes at a High Ticket Price

If you’re a coach and want to provide transformation for people, you can’t do it with a low ticket offer. If you’re going to deliver change, it needs to be a high ticket program because two elements attract high-ticket buyers.

When you’re performing the work with your high ticket sales clients who are purchasing your programs, you’re attracting people who actually do the work. Because they are financially invested, they’re going to show up and get results. This journey’s ripple effect is that you will look better for them, and they as a client will look better for you. This, in turn, is a self-fulfilling prophecy. When others see the results, they will want to pay you to achieve those same results. Now you have a snowball effect.


Two Key Elements of a High Ticket Program

High ticket sales for beginners 101: learn the two key elements you’ll need to grab high-ticket clients. Clients who want a high ticket program are very attracted to transformation, and they’ll pay top dollar for the value.

For high-ticket selling, you also need a set system or process to get your client the desired result. Make sure you have the two critical components to sell high ticket sales: transformation and a system. When you put the two together, you attract high ticket clients left and right, because these are the things that high caliber people value.

Identify with Expensive Energy

When I get on a sales call, potential clients understand that I’m going to be expensive. They’ve already told themselves I’m expensive and they’re ready. Get into the spirit of opulence, beauty, and putting yourself in environments and situations to get into the energy of prosperity and valuing yourself. I’ve been practicing embodying the energy of expensive things. What does this mean, and how can you put this into practice?

You must build up your internal value and self-worth. This is not the same as having a big ego – that actually is not going to attract who you want to pull in for new clients. I know that what I offer has insane amounts of value, that I solve a huge problem in the marketplace. That’s why I’m able to attract high ticket clients.


Level Up and Be Able and Ready to Receive

Believe you’re worthy of receiving this kind of money and that you are ready to do well in business. It’s all about your level of being able to receive. You can experiment with receiving and expanding. When your personal challenges come up, make sure to process through your emotional roadblocks and deal with your stuff so you can move to the next level. You need an internal belief of worthiness and value. Quite frankly, particularly in the society that we live in, you got to work on it every single day.


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