How I Made $30k at FinCon

by Amanda Abella  - November 5, 2019

I’ve had many followers ask me if attending conferences are worth it, and how do you make money at conferences? The answer is YES! I made nearly $30,000 in sales (up from $17,000 in sales at FinCon 2018) from attending FinCon this year.

I want to shout out to my team for making this possible!

We arrived in Washington, DC, a few days early and spent eight days in Washington, DC. We wanted to explore the city and eat our way through DC. Our pre-conference vacation created a grounded space for us – we felt settled in our new space. We also incorporated a photoshoot into this trip with Danielle Finney photography in Washington DC.

Team Experiment: Can Work and Play Co-Exist?

I wanted to find out how we travel together as a team? Can we repeat this next year? One of our company values is that work and play co-exist, and we wanted to find out if we could effectively implement our company values while on our trip to FinCon. When FinCon started, however, it was game on!

My Conference Secret

Once the conference starts, I don’t go to sessions. I network, make meetings, and take meetings because that’s where the money happens. Check out my bonus class in Persuade to Profit about how to network your way to more money.

Networking is where the magic is! You need to meet people, not to sit in sessions. Networking at conferences is exceptionally effective because many influencers in the same space get to meet in one place. The energy is fantastic when you get to network with a group of powerhouse people who are just killing their game.

Do You think About Long Money?

Who are your clients, where do they live, what are their pain points? Conferences are a great way to meet with your tribe, get feedback, see where they’re struggling, talk with them one-on-one, and find out how you can support them. The key is when you’re attending conferences, know what it is that you are selling. Have an elevator pitch prepared and ready to go. When you pitch, be confident! Know your “why” of your business.

Have a Focused Game Plan BEFORE You Attend the Conference

For this conference, we were marketing Persuade to Profit, my six-week program. I’ve created My program solves a particular problem which speaks to people who attended this conference. Since we are directly in contact with our target market, I can easily walk around conferences and create sales and new clients right then and there. We did not have a booth; we walked around as attendees, spreading the word about my platform.

If you’re going to conferences and getting frustrated because you don’t make any money, look at what you are doing at these conferences. If you are going to learn, then attend workshops and panels; however, if you’re going to make money, honey, your focus needs to be directed toward networking. Focus on the actions which lead to money, which is networking, negotiation, and sales. If you’re looking to polish your game, reach out to us, I and my team and I are here to help. Check out my bonus class in Persuade to Profit about how to network your way to more money to be more effective in how you spend your time. My program will also show you how to figure out exactly what your offering is and how to market and sell your program. Look for the bonus class on how to network your way to more money!

Busy Bees at FinCon

Our team joked that I couldn’t even walk to the elevator without someone intercepting me! There were so many that I wanted to meet, and I couldn’t because I was pulled in many directions. Those of you that I did meet, I enjoyed meeting you, and I loved your stories, how this podcast inspires you, how my podcast has helped you.

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